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CNA books are a vital component of the certified nursing assistant's baggage of knowledge. Apart from the information that a student receives during the certified medical assistant courses, one also needs to explore other sources for a complete exposure to a subject. There are several books that offer important information regarding the nursing assistants job description, responsibilities, skills, or information about the certified nurse assistant final exam. Here are some books which are very useful for a Nursing Assistant.

However, the first thing that a medical assistant aspirant should do is prepare well for the certified nurse assistant certification test. The test consists of two parts namely, theoretical and practical papers. These are described below:

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram

"CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram" by Linda Whitenton and Marty Walker covers all the information that the applicant needs to know about the license exam and how to prepare for the exam. The book also contains the roles and responsibilities of the nursing assistant and the communication and interpersonal skills needed for an effective practice.

The book is divided into topics in a logical way and each chapter discusses a specific subject with all details. It has a chapter on promotion of health and safety and presents the role of the certified medical assistant to prevent the spread of diseases, resident care equipment for a certified nursing aide and diseases and their effect on health. One Chapter refers to the promotion of function and health of residents, presenting the personal care skills, psychosocial care skills and restorative skills of a certified nurse.

Specialized care is discussed in another chapter of the book and refers to physical and cardiovascular psychological problems of the patients. Some other chapter refers to clinical skills, performance checklists and presents the basic skills of a certified nurse assistant, i.e. measuring temperature, blood pressure and respiration and collecting specimens in addition to moving the patient, bathing, hand washing and feeding.

This book also contains approximately 150 sample test questions for the license exam. It is a book written by experts and is a perfect guide to score well in the exam; it is the book most referred to for the nurse exam. The cost of this book is USD 25.

Nursing Assistant/ Nurse Aide Exam

"Nursing Assistant/ Nurse Aide Exam", offers the students information about the CNA exam, including a guide for the test with strategies and tips to prepare for the final exam. The new edition includes five practice exams based on national nurse aide program standards (NNAAP).

The five practice tests have 70 multiple-choice questions along with answers and explanations, keeping in mind the certified nurse aide certification test format.

It also offers information regarding the state's requirements to become a certified nurse with a list of state certified nursing assistant Registries and information about the certified nurse assistant's duties and responsibilities along with practical skill assessment. It even has information pertaining to strategic approach towards the exam and physical and mental preparedness for the day of the test. The cost of this book is USD 12.

Mosby's Textbooks for Nursing Assistants

Another useful book for a certified nursing aides is "Mosby's Textbooks for Nursing Assistants". This book is considered a trusted resource and offers a comprehensive coverage for a Certified Medical Assistant. The book's contents includes the presentation of the certified nurse, the body structure and function, nutrition and fluids, preventing infection, measuring vital signs, admission and discharges procedures, mental health problems and basic emergency care or assisting with physical examination.

The key is that this book has a complete coverage of certified nurse assistant in a simple language, but that is just one feature. It has 100 plus procedures for nursing assistants, NNAAP exam skills are highlighted, and team skills of a nursing group are preached. It talks about the age-specific nursing care distinguishing between child and old age care, key abbreviations and terms and has chapter wise review questions.

It comes in a kit which has a companion CD consisting of videos on various nursing aide skills and a workbook which helps learning varied skills, exercises and activities challenging you to recall what you have learnt and it has a checklist of over a 100 procedures in the textbook. It is a comprehensive package for your preparation for the certified nurse assistant exam. The cost of this textbook is USD 60.

Nursing Diagnosis Handbooks: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care

This is another important book for a medical assistant written by Betty J. Ackley and Gail B. Ladwig. This book presents how to create customized care plans with a three-step process i.e. information and assessment, diagnosis based on the assessment and plan care as per the desired result. It includes the diagnoses for over 1300 patient symptoms, diagnostic procedures and medical and psychiatric diagnoses.

The book is divided in three parts, the first part refers to the nursing process, nursing diagnosis and evidence-based nursing, the second part includes a guide to nursing diagnoses and the third is a guide to planning care.

The book's prime constituents are the case studies. With such a variety of cases, this is one book which you would refer to repeatedly not just for exam preparation, but throughout your practice life. The cost of the nursing diagnosis handbook is USD 40.

These were some of the CNA books for helping all the students who are interested in becoming a certified nurse. These books will definitely help you clear your certified nursing aide license exam and make you a certified nursing assistant.

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