Certified Nursing Assistant Certification Courses

To become a certified nursing assistant is the aspiration of many individuals who want to make a stable career in the healthcare sector. Such individuals opt for CNA certification courses which help them to get certified and listed in their state's registry. This is important as the listing is necessary to find jobs in healthcare facilities across the state and provide daily care for the patients.

The courses are designed as per the norms of the particular state and the duration of the course also differs from one state to another. The main objective of the course is to train the students to take care of the patients who need long term care as they are physically or mentally ill. The certification is necessary to make the student a thorough professional who can empathize with the patient and take care of them with ample patience. If you are interested in pursuing the course for CNA, you will have to firstly understand that a certified nursing assistant is a service-oriented job.

Important Aspects of CNA Courses

CNA certification courses have a lot of important aspects which have to be known by an aspirant who want to become a CNA. You have to first of all find out the schools and colleges in your area which are accredited. You have to know the eligibility criteria, application process, initial exams, training classes, clinical sessions, final examinations and the job opportunities in your state.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria also differ from one state to the other but the basic norms include the age limit of eighteen, you should have completed at least high school diploma, you should not have any physical or mental illness and some states have the criteria that the student must not be pregnant at the time of admission. You have to get the application form from the respective school or college and fill the relevant details. You may have to submit two copies of any photo identity proof with your signature and also details of any crime committed in the past for which you have been convicted.

A thorough background check is conducted by all the schools and colleges irrespective of the state of aspirants who want to pursue CNA courses. If you had committed felony or any crime, then your application will be rejected. These are some of the major CNA certification requirements which have to be fulfilled in order to be enrolled in the course. Clearing the initial exams is also a must for you to be enrolled in the course. The exam would basically test your verbal and written communication skills. If you fail to pass, you may be provided with training in the skills lab and you can re-appear for the exam.

Structure of the CNA Course

The CNA certification program has been designed in such a way that the student will be trained to take care of the patient in a thorough manner. The theoretical classes are conducted for 30-35 hours in some states to impart knowledge on various important aspects like physiology, infection control, hygiene management, respecting the rights of the patient, emergency control procedures, medication management, reporting to nurses, communication with patients etc.

The skills lab sessions are to improve the communication skills of the student as it is the CNA who spends the maximum number of hours with the patient, more than that of a nurse or a doctor. So, you will have to communicate with the patient effectively in order to take care of him or her effectively and help in the process of curing.

Clinical training sessions are a very important part of the course and full attendance is mandetory for all the sessions. You will be given on the job training by a nurse or a senior assistant in a healthcare facility. You will be required to be professional in your behavior with the instructors as well as the nurses you work with.

After you successfully complete the required number of hours of training, you would be required to clear two tests, namely, skills test and written test. The skills test would evaluate your practical skills that you have learnt from your clinical sessions and the written test would evaluate your knowledge based on the aspects learnt from lectures. The passing score is high for the test and you will have to put in lot of efforts to clear these exams in order to be certified. Once you clear them, you will be listed in your state's registry as a certified nursing assistant.

CNA certification courses are designed to provide holistic training to you to become a professional nursing assistant and pursue a lucrative career in the future.

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