Nursing Assistant Certification Program

A career as a certified nursing assistant is a much sought-after one for individuals who want to work in the healthcare sector and all such aspirants should be aware of every detail of the CNA certification program. They should know about the CNA certification classes and job opportunities after completing the certification. The training program has to be understood properly as it will be a tough one and the aspirant has to be mentally prepared to invest time and effort.

The program has been designed to provide holistic training to offer daily care for patients who are physically or mentally ill or challenged. The training program differs from one state to the other as the syllabus and exams are designed as per the norms laid down by the respective state. The eligibility criteria also differs from one place to another. But, the one thing that is common is the focus on service and the need to make the student professional.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum age requirement also differs, which can be sixteen years in some states and eighteen in some. You should have completed at least high school diploma and should submit a completed application form along with two copies of photo identification proof. There will be a mandatory background check which is to ensure you haven't engaged in any activities against the law and been convicted for any felony or crime. Background check is common across all states and you have to clear this and fulfill all other CNA certification requirements in order to be enrolled for the certification program.

Qualifying Exam

There is a qualifying examination which will test you on your communication skills, both verbal and written. It is only when you clear this examination you will be included as a student in the program. Your communication skills are tested because it is expected that you are able to communicate well with the patient, nurses and doctors.

Training Program

The training program has been designed to provide professional training to aspirants who want to pursue a career as a CNA. The main objective of a CNA is to offer daily care for patients who are in need of long term healthcare. It is this objective which is fulfilled through the CNA certification classes. The program consists of classes, skills lab and clinical sessions. The knowledge and skills related to main aspects like taking vital signs of the patient, daily care, hygiene management, protecting the rights of the patient, medication management, physiology, etc. It is mandatory that you have sufficient knowledge related to these aspects as it would be assumed that you know them as soon as you start working. You are supposed to behave professionally with the required patience and politeness.

You are given on the job training during the clinical sessions as it is important that you exactly know what your responsibilities will be as a nursing aide. Only theoretical knowledge will never give you a clear picture of your role and responsibilities, skills like feeding the patient, assisting them to take bath, changing dress etc., can be learnt only when you do it by yourself. By understanding these chores, you will be able to handle patients effectively.

These clinical sessions are compulsory and you should attend all the sessions in order to be eligible to appear for the final qualifying examinations. You have to perform well in these sessions in order to be considered for the examination. The final qualifying examinations are tougher and you have to score the minimum passing percentage which may differ from one state to the other. There will be a written test followed by a clinical skill test that will help the examiner to determine your knowledge and skills related to the concerned subject.

Once you clear these examinations you will be listed in the registry of your state as a certified nursing assistant and you can start looking for job opportunities after that. There would be many opportunities which will come your way but it is in your hands to decide which kind of healthcare facility would be better for you as your interest and dedication are important contributing factors in your career.

CNA certification program can be very demanding and you have to be very clear about the fact that your job will be a pure service oriented job and your dedication is more important than anything else. You can pursue a stable career in the healthcare sector as a certified nursing aide and grow well professionally too.

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