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Healthcare sector has many opportunities to individuals who want to pursue a stable and lucrative career. Certified nursing assistant jobs are high in-demand among such aspirants as they open up many avenues and also provide an opportunity to earn high salary in the beginning of your career. CNA certification training is required to clear the examination in order to become a certified nursing assistant in a healthcare facility.

Training is provided in schools and colleges which constitute of classes and practical sessions which will help you become a successful professional nursing aide. The certification is the first step towards a career in the nursing and healthcare sector and this helps you get listed in the registry of your state which would further increase your job opportunities. You should be careful in looking for schools or colleges which are accredited as training from a non-accredited school or college would not give you any advantage.

Importance of CNA Certification

Many aspirants who would like to start a career as a certified nursing assistant, do not understand the importance of CNA certification training. A certification gives you the authority to work anywhere in the state in any healthcare facility and grow as much as you want professionally. The training period differs from one state to another and can extend from few hours to few months as per the requirement of the state where you are applying for the training program. There are certain CNA certification schools which provide training in a very professional way but the first thing you should do is to make a list of which educational centers are accredited and then apply for the same.

CNA training includes mostly three main parts: theoretical classes, skills lab and clinical session. Theoretical training is comparatively less as there is a high need for practical training through clinical sessions. You are trained on how to handle situations and responsibilities which would be required while you are on duty as a certified nursing assistant. For this kind of professional and practical training, it is important to choose the right school or college which offers a holistic training program that would bring out a professional in you.

There are also certain training programs offered by training schools and colleges which provide job assistance once you finish the certification successfully. It would be profitable for you if you can get assistance in securing a high-paying job and you can try your luck at the clinics where you do your clinical training. You may end up with a job there only as you might become a known face by the time you finish your training there.

Theoretical Classes

The theoretical classes impart knowledge on various aspects related to the role and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant like infection control, maintenance of hygiene, medication management, physiology, taking vital signs, dressing etc. Apart from physical disabilities and how to assist patients with such disabilities, you will be trained to become a moral support to the patients as you would be spending more time with them than the nurses and doctors. You will have to be dedicated to the core objective of this job which is service and everything will become enjoyable for you.

Skills Lab

In the skills lab, you would be trained on communication skills which is very much essential as you will be expected to communicate properly with the patients and it is your support and care that will contribute to the improvement in the patient's health. As a nursing aide, you will have to effectively deal with patients; who may get hyper or behave rudely as their physical illness has certain negative effects on their mental well-being as well. So, your communication skills have to be honed in order to become a successful certified nursing assistant.

Clinical Sessions

The training program consists of clinical sessions which are conducted in the healthcare facilities to demonstrate the duties of a CNA to aspirants, so one would have hands-on experience of the job. You will exactly know what you are up to as you want to pursue certified nursing aide as a career.


The ultimate test comes in the form of the examination for getting certified after completing the required number of training hours. You will have to clear a skills test and then clear a written examination with the required score in order to be certified. The skills test will test your practical knowledge of the course and you will have to perform certain tasks and tests which are expected to be performed as a CNA. After clearing the skills test, you will have to pass the written examination which will test your knowledge on various aspects of a certified nursing aide. After clearing the final examination, you will be listed in the state's registry as a certified nursing aide.

CNA certification training is the stepping stone to become a successful nursing assistant and pursue a lucrative career in the healthcare sector.

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