CNA Classes in Alabama

Searching for a job and getting one is becoming tougher these days. On the top of it, recession makes the matter worse by creating unemployment. There are no places in the industries for people who do not have skills and qualification. Many helpless job seekers change their career and settle for jobs that do not compensate with their experience and qualifications. However, nursing is one profession that is miles away from feeling the heat of the economic downturn. If you are a resident of Alabama, you can easily change your career and find a secured job by taking CNA classes in Alabama.

Nursing is a medical profession you can enjoy and retire with. However, to start this revered career, you must get the nurse aide training. Before that, you must brace yourself and know how you can become a CNA in Alabama. For each state have different mandates in issuing the certification, which is needed for employment. In all probabilities, you have to complete the nurse aide classes and clear the exam. By attending the classes, you will have the confidence to pass the exam for certification.

How to become a CNA in Alabama?

Being a nursing assistant means assisting doctors, nurses and patients in the healthcare facility. You can work in places where people can stay and receive treatment to recover from injuries, diseases, physical and mental disabilities. The registered or licensed nurses will supervise and guide you in the job. Besides certification, another requirement to work as a certified nursing assistant is your age. You must be over or at least 16 years old.

The Alabama health department regulates the CNA training program. You can receive the training in nursing schools, and community colleges of your state. The Red Cross Society also supports aspiring candidates by providing them free nurse aide education. Once you are done with the training program, you have to take the certification exam. The National Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) composes the exam.

In case, you are not able to take the NNAAP exam after completing the training, you can register yourself for the exam with the help of their website. However, you must appear for the exam within two years. Once you have crossed the time limit, you may have to retake the training program.

The state's nurse aide Registry will issue the certification after successfully passing the written and practical exams. For finding the authentication of your certification, visit the website developed by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

CNA Training Program in Alabama

Alabama residents are exempted from holding a high school or equivalent diploma to enroll for the training program. As an Alabama resident, you can take the training even if you are still a high-school student. The idea behind this concept is to help you in getting a job immediately after your graduation. However, the Health Department should validate the training program you have taken.

CNA training program in Alabama will cost you $1000. Unlike other states, there are no additional charges for the materials used during the training. Before depositing the training fee, contact the local office to find out the state-approved training programs. The information is also available on the website of the address given above. The only requisite of the training program is that it should be in accordance with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA).

Certain healthcare settings in the state also offer CNA training for which you need to sign and work with them for a specific period after finishing the training and receiving the certification. The classes would consist of classroom and practical session. The education will cover subjects such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, nutrition, diseases and its effect on human bodies, taking vitals, assisting nurses with day- care activities, etc.

CNA Certification Requirements in Alabama

Many vocational and community colleges conduct CNA classes in the Alabama state. You can complete the classes in two months. The state also does not ask you to complete your high school studies or GED. The required age to take the CNA training program in Alabama is over 16 years of age. The cost of the classes is $1000, including additional charges for supplies. You have to complete the training for at least 75 hours as required by the OBRA. The certification program includes both classroom and practical training. Attending and giving both the exams is compulsory to receive the certification.

Certification can be achieved by taking online training program in Alabama. Before that, you will have to submit few documents to the local nurse aide board to enable them to do a background check. Submit two fingerprint cards along with your photo ID and social security number to the local office so that they can register you for the certification.

Remember, the regulations and requirements of nursing assistants are not similar in all U.S. states. The state government has all the rights to govern the training program, including its duration, syllabus, cost and other procedures. You are lucky if you are residing in this state since taking the CNA classes in Alabama allows you some exemption.

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