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The demand for certified nursing assistants is increasing every day with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasting that by 2016 America will need 400,000 more nurse aides. In such a scenario many medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes are offering free CNA classes to attract more people towards the nursing career and meet the growing demand.

Certified nursing assistants work under the Registered Nurses (RN) and their duties involve assisting patients in healthcare activities like bathing, feeding, changing clothes, changing occupied beds, maintaining hygiene etc.; they also have to take vital signs of patients and report any changes to the supervising nurse.

If you want to find free CNA classes in your locality you have to carry out little bit of research; make sure that you enroll in a state accredited program as it is mandatory for the certification exam. Below is some information which can be beneficial to you in finding free classes near you.

Medicaid and Medicare certified facilities

Medicaid and Medicare are two of the biggest health insurance companies in the United States; these companies advocate the utilization of certified nurse aides as it reduces the cost of healthcare. These companies certify facilities to provide training to CNAs as it is essential to have well trained nursing assistants; such facilities provide the training free of cost.

Like all free training programs these facilities also require you to work for them for six to twelve months after you pass the certification exam and receive your license by signing an agreement. Some facilities repay the cost of your training and certification if you agree to work with them for the ascertained period of time. So it is necessary that you get all the required information including how long are CNA classes, etc. before you join any of these classes.

Free classes and employment

Many hospitals and nursing facilities provide free training for certified nursing assistants, so if you come across such advertisements don't be startled; these are genuinely free classes. They are offered with a clause of employment post certification just like the Medicaid and Medicare certified facilities.

It is beneficial to both the trainee as well as the employer. You don't have to bear the cost of CNA classes and exam and at the same time you can relax because you will definitely have a job once you complete your certification. The hospitals and nursing home benefit because they have all the facilities required to train aspiring nurse aides; they can monitor the progress of a student while in training and make for well skilled nursing assistants who will serve their patients efficiently.

Existing Employer

It is possible that you work in some medical facility but your duties are non-health care ones. After watching CNAs work in the facility you may develop a liking for the nursing profession; if the facility you are working with provides CNA training it may provide you with free training. You must enquire about such free CNA classes with the administration department of your facility and they will be happy to assist you in this regards as it will meet their needs for qualified nurse aides for the future and as you are already employed with the facility they will even assist you in the medical checkup and background check required for the certification exam.

Scholarship Programs

Many community colleges, vocational training institutes and universities have scholarship programs for the needy and deserving students; such programs can take care of your training costs. You have to meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for such scholarship and you must check for details with these universities or colleges. Usually scholarships are given to those who are not doing well financially, but there can be other determining factors that you may have to cross check.

In some classes you can become eligible for scholarship, during the training program is in continuance; specifically for the credit hours of training that nursing schools may offer to either worthy students or those in need. Worthy students are those who are excelling in the training so they are given free training hours to master the skills and students in need are those who are weak in harnessing the skills and need extra training to come up the curve. The finance department of your nursing school or university will be able to help you out with such financial aid.

Most of the schools, colleges or universities offer scholarships considering it to be their social responsibility to provide for the education of those in need; and the support for nursing career is higher considering the demand for healthcare professionals and their importance in the medical field.

State Welfare Programs

In all the states citizen welfare is given great importance and many such programs are in place which can be advantageous to you. One such program is the Adult continuing education program which is held by the state education department. For details of this program, you need to contact the department of Adult continuing education. Such programs are offered as free or partially-funded and it generally depends on the income group you belong to.

The State nursing board can also assist you in finding free CNA classes and they even have the authority to direct institutes or facilities to provide free training for aspiring nursing assistants because of the shortage of trained healthcare professionals.

You can benefit from these free CNA classes if you are facing financial crisis and have a strong desire to pursue a career in nursing with a starting level job of certified nursing assistant.

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