CNA Courses in North Carolina

Although it is not mandatory to complete a Certified Nursing Assistant course in North Carolina for taking the state certification exam, it is highly recommended. Division of Health Service Regulation Health Care Personnel Registry Section of N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (NC HPCR) approves such courses. In North Carolina, passing Nurse Aide (I) competency exam is the initial step for new aspirants towards becoming North Carolina CNA, for which opting for a course is recommended. A minimum of 75 hours of training is included in the course curriculum, comprising classroom training and practical clinical-exercises. This training is meant to enhance the growth and practical knowledge of a nurse aide aspirant in Nursing, covering the following areas:

  • Patient care and treatment
  • Hygiene and nutrition
  • Restorative care
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • CPR and Dementia-specific training
  • Safety and emergency measures
  • Supporting residents' rights
  • Medical terminology
  • Documentation and reporting

Prerequisites for nursing assistant's Courses

  • Clean criminal history track
  • Passing medical and drug test

Required Skills

  • Humanity
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Consistency

Procedure for applying for State certification exam

One can apply for certification directly or after completing a course from North Carolina. This exam consists of 2 components: written/oral test and skills evaluation test. Requiring the candidates to answer 70 multiple choice questions in 120 minutes, written test assesses their theoretical nursing understanding. Although the written test can be taken in English only, you can avail for Spanish language oral test instead of the English one; but do not forget to mention it in the application form. Performing any 5 assigned skills within 30 minutes is done under the supervision of a proctor during the skills test; where the supervisor rates the performance of each candidate in each skill. This test judges clinical hands-on skills of the candidates. You must pass in both these exams to attain a positive result and if you succeed in doing so, you will be licensed under North Carolina Nurse Aide (I) Registry. Thus gaining nurse aide employment in North Carolina will become possible for you after attaining this license. With the provision for applying for this exam thrice within 2-year validity period provided, if a candidate fails in the third try, he/she will require retaking a state-approved CNA course in North Carolina and retesting both parts (written test and skills test). Retaking skills test or written test will be required, if you either fail in one of them during the first or second try.

Generally renewed after every 2 years, the license renewal in North Carolina requires you to complete paid work experience for at least 8 hours, performing nursing assistant's duties under the supervision of a registered nurse over the last 2 years. This requirement must be satisfied anyhow if you want to continue working as a CNA in that state.

In North Carolina, there is no provision for transfer (endorsement or reciprocity) of an out-of-state candidate to North Carolina. If still, he/she is willing to shift for employment, he/she will require passing CNA course (optional) and certification exam.

The health sector of North Carolina provides good salary packages to CNAs. Normally, certified nursing assistants in North Carolina earns the average annual salary ranging between $22,000 and $24,000. This figure is quite good and increases with experience and additional certifications. Future looks positive and secured for nurse aides in the state as around 30% growth is expected in CNA job position in the state over the next few years. Thus pursuing the required education from the state will be productive for the aspirants, thereby leading them towards creating a successful and secured nursing career.

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