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It is definitely a promising career to become a CNA in the health care sector in Alabama. If you intend to start your career as nursing assistant, the very first step is to register your name in the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry. In fact, the registered nurses and licensed nurses also register their names in the registry in Alabama.

The initial step is to successfully complete the state authorised course and competency valuation. After that, you have to pass the certification examination consisting of two parts, a written test and a skills test. A student is allowed a maximum of three attempts to pass the certificate examination. Otherwise, the student has to attend the course again.

To keep your name alive in the Alabama nurse aide registry and to keep your license active, you have to renew your license showing the proof that you have worked not less than 2 years in any nursing homes or hospitals or any health care centres. If you have done any volunteer work, then this period of service will not be counted for the above purpose.

Requirements To Work As a CNA In Alabama

  • Successfully complete a State approved nursing assistant program
  • Pass the certification examination(both written and skills test) with credit
  • Should not have any criminal background

The nursing assistant program in Alabama will run for a minimum of 75 hours which is divided into two parts -- classroom learning and hands-on learning. There are many health institutions that offer these courses and you can find them using the relevant websites. Otherwise, the following departments can be contacted.

  • Alabama nurse aide registry
  • Alabama department of public health
  • Division of health facilities

CNA programs in Alabama are offered through nursing facilities, vocational and technical schools and community colleges. The program will run for about 12 weeks and the students need not have completed a high school diploma or GED. In Alabama, the students studying in high schools can attend the courses and therefore they are well prepared to shine as nursing assistants, after the completion of their high school graduation.

But, before joining the course, a student has to ensure that the program selected to undergo has the approval of Alabama department of health. Nursing facilities offer free courses for those who agree to work in the same organisation for a particular period of time after obtaining the certificate.

In Alabama, CNA programs usually incorporate CPR certification along with the basic instructions such as taking the vital signs of the patients, basic nursing skills and patient care training, infection control, medical terminology, and other related skills.

The training will be followed by a written test and a skills test. If a student passes this certificate examination with credit, he or she will be awarded the certificate and would be permitted to work as a Certified Nurse Aide in Alabama.

If you have just completed the course and placed as a Certified Nurse Aid in any one of the health care facilities, gather the data on such insurance in Alabama. The CNA job is rewarding, exciting, and challenging and you must realize that becoming a certified nursing aide might force you to buy liability insurance. That is why it is advisable to collect relevant information on same in Alabama by referring to the respective websites.

After appointed as a CNA, you are entrusted with the care of the patients and sometimes you may even be entrusted with the lives of ailing patients . You have to be ready to face any situation and there is always a chance of an incident occurring, which may prompt the patients to file suits against you in the court for malpractices and negligence of duty. This will result in attending court sessions in the midst of your busy schedule . In such situations, these nursing aides need the insurance coverage to protect them.

The details will help you in buying a good and suitable insurance cover to protect you from unwanted legal issues where you are not at fault. You will be provided with the round-the-clock necessary coverage throughout the week. To be precise, you will be covered by insurance packages throughout your career, provided you pay the premiums regularly and keep the policy alive by renewing the same as and when required.

You definitely need individual liability insurance, as the insurance provided by your employer might have some limitations. You might not be well protected in case of any unwanted incident that turns ugly.

Furthermore, the insurance provided by your employers will cover you only when you are at their service. If you quit the present job and if you are sued for what had happened a year ago, while you were working for them, you would not be protected by the insurance cover provided by your employers.

If the owner of the facility changes in due course, the new employer might not be interested in renewing the insurance policy in your name and you might get into trouble, if a suit is filed against you.

It is better to acquire good insurance coverage on your own and its advisable not rely on your employer for this purpose.

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