CNA Job Opportunities

CNA job opportunities are always there for the right candidate. A person wishing to become a Certified Nurse Aide will have many options before him and an exciting career to look forward to if he has the passion and the motivation to make it big in the health care service industry. The population is always growing and so is the demand for modern and state of the art medical facilities and research centers so as to cater to the health care requirements of people belonging to all age groups. Sometime, the numbers of hospitals are more but they face a shortage of quality CNAs to work in them. Hence, a person with a CNA certification never goes out of demand, so if you too want to make the most of this CNA job opportunity and take your career ahead one of the most important things that you need to do is complete and pass the CNA assessment test.

Passing the final assessment test gets you listed and registered on the State Nurse Aide Registry and you can now search and work in any state across the USA without inviting legal trouble even if you don't originally belong to a particular state. Getting through the final competency test heralds a new beginning for you with many types of CNA jobs to choose from. A person can pick between many health care service providers like hospitals, clinics, private nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, adult day care centers, asylums, acute care centers, community health centers, universities, laboratories, military hospitals, Government public health care centers, mobile health care units, research centers and also private homes of patients requiring round the clock medical care and attention.

If you have higher qualification you may also start at a better entry level salary and as you grow in knowledge and experience you could also get chance to work with the best brands in the health care industry. The CNA jobs have good future with average salary ranging from $20,000 to $30,000 annually. Sometimes a Certified Nurse Aide also has to travel to multiple homes to attend to the ailing patients. These types of CNA job is known as travelling CNA job wherein the Certified Nurse Aide personally visits the patients and takes care of them. He usually chooses a place or an area where reaching another place after finishing the job at one place will be easy to cover and within few minutes distance so that he can be able to attend to many patients in a day. This CNA job however, doesn't have a fixed working day or time and he can be called at any time of the day. Because of the nature of the job the travelling Certified Nursing Assistant is paid more than the one working in a regular set up. He is sometimes also paid for the distance covered to visit his patient. Again if need be the travelling Certified Nurse Aide is also required to stay at the patient's home and devote full time at the patient's service. This mainly happens if the patient is an elderly person unable to look after himself, a terminally ill person who is need of constant medical care and attention or somebody suffering from a long term illness. Besides, he also provides his help in household works like, cleaning the house, cooking and doing the laundry.

Other than this a certified nursing assistant can explore many other opportunities. He is required in every health care set up yet he should make sensible decision and always go for the one that best suits his expectations and long term career goals. He can choose from the below mentioned options to take his career further:

  • Emergency Hospital Aide: He may work as an emergency hospital aide where his duties will include checking the patients in, receiving the family members, maintaining a record and keeping the doctor always in the loop about every developments taking place in a particular case. He also maintains files and records, answers the calls, helps with administrative responsibilities and other urgent duties as and when required.

  • Nursing Home Assistant: A certified nurse aide may also work as a nursing home assistant and help with duties like, taking care of medicine, feeding the patient, helping the patients take bath, use the toilet, take him for a walk, maintain the patient's personal hygiene, take vital signs like temperature, blood pressure and pulse and also maintain a daily record of the patient's progress and forward the same to the concerned doctor so that appropriate treatment can be meted out to the patient.

  • Home Care Agency Assistant: As a home care agency assistant the certified nurse aide has to sometimes stay at the patient's home to take care of them and may have to carry out responsibilities like, feeding the meals, changing the bed, tidying up the room, monitoring the vital signs and documenting the progress which is to be forwarded to the concerned doctor, taking care of hygiene, nutrition, infection control and administering medication from time to time.

There are many CNA job opportunities that a quality certified nursing assistant can make the most of. The job nature of a CNA may at times get hectic and interfere with your personal time and space with unscheduled call to report for duties even during holidays or when you are on leave but if you have the compassion and the motivation to serve the ailing and help them him see a better tomorrow this is the job for you.

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