CNA Job Safety

A certified nursing assistant usually works in a team of doctors and registered nurse and carries out the duties as assigned to him by the concerned doctor. He takes care of both medical and non medical requirements of the patient. He takes care of the ailing, the elderly and those who can't help themselves. He is more directly involved with the patients than the doctor. He serves as a link between the two and communicates the doctor's advice or message to the patient and conveys any requests or complaints that the patient might have.

CNA openings are available with various health care agencies like the hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, acute care centers, private nursing homes, adult day care centers, universities, laboratories, community health centers, mobile health care units, military hospitals, research centers, Government public health care centers and even private homes of the patient requiring round the clock medical care and attention.

CNA job includes many responsibilities and a certified nurse aide works in shifts to deliver the services. The responsibilities include taking care of personal hygiene of the patient like helping him take bath, use the toilet, comb hair, change the dress, tidying up the patient's room, changing his bed linen, feeding the patient, taking a note of his liquid and food intake, take the patient on a walk around the premises, helping him in and out of the bed, taking down vital signs like temperature, pulse, blood pressure, administering medication and other treatment on time as prescribed by the physician, note down the daily progress of the patient and forward it to the concerned physician so that appropriate treatment can be provided to the patient.

A CNA comes across many equipments and machinery while performing his duties. During the training programs prior to getting employed they are taught about CNA job safety and appropriate measures that needs to be taken. There are protective gears for CNA that is recommended to be used during performing daily tasks to save one from various health hazards.

The protective gears meant for CNA job safety include the following:

  • Hand Sanitizer: It's a liquid soap to kill germs by rubbing your hands and it is available across all hospitals and all health care facilities. It doesn't require you to wash your hands and rather easy and quick to use. You can use it while handling certain things like if the patient asks you to hand them over a blanket or a towel you can use the hand sanitizer before and after you have performed the task.

  • Eye Guards: A CNA can make use of eye shields or eye guards to protect the eyes while performing cleanings tasks or working closely with a patient. This is important as there are some diseases which can be contagious so you need to pay attention to personal care.

  • Gloves: Gloves help you keep off germs and every time you work with a patient you should use them. Anytime you have contact with the patient or his room, while repositioning him or feeding his you should use good pair of gloves as a protection tool against the germs.

  • Masks: Masks are important and help you protect yourself from airborne illness like a cold which might get transferred to you from the patient. This also helps you prevent spraying your saliva as you sneeze, talk or cough. You can wear it if you need to get physically close to a patient who has disease that is highly hazardous.

Hence, CNA job safety is very important, after all a certified nursing assistant has to be in good health in order to be available to take care of the ailing and the helpless which plays a big hand in recuperating the patient of his health problem.

A certified nurse aide is sensitive, polite and has good communication skills that help him manage the rush of the patients and handle even the toughest of situations and deliver to his best. CNA job may belong to the low category as compared to other medical professionals but that doesn't mean they aren't important or they have less responsibilities. In fact, no health care service provider can do without the services of quality CNAs. As one grows in experience and knowledge he can also earn more besides getting the chance to work with the best brands in the health care service industry.

CNA job can be emotionally and physically demanding. This may also interfere with your personal time and space with unscheduled call to report for duty at odd hours or even when there is holiday or you are on leave to attend to emergencies. But if you have the motivation and the willingness to help someone see a better tomorrow, this is the job you will love. There are very few jobs that not only earn you a living but also bring you the satisfaction at having made a positive difference to someone's life and the job of a CNA is one among such.

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