CNA License

CNA license is mandatory to apply for the position of a nursing aide in any of the health care organization such as hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

Certified Nursing Assistant License Requirements

  1. Age: The applicant is required to be at least 18 years of age to be considered for certified nursing aide license. This age may vary from one state to the other, such as in some states the eligibility is 16 years.
  2. High School Diploma: Most states require that the candidates opting for a nursing assistant certification to possess a high school diploma degree. In case, if they do not have this degree, then they should have an alternative to it such as a GED (General Educational Development), as it is equivalent to a high school diploma.
  3. Competency: After the completion of nursing aide course, the student has to pass a written competency test. This test comprise of theoretical and practical session that is conducted by the certified nursing assistant licensing authority.
  4. English Proficiency: The applicant is required to have good oral and written communication skills
  5. Medical check: A proof of the latest medical check has to be submitted to ensure the good health condition
  6. Background Check: The student should have a clean background record to obtain a nursing assistant certification

Steps for Obtaining CNA License: The steps that need to be followed in order to obtain certified nursing assistant license are as follows:

  • Fill the application form provided by the state licensing authority
  • Send the notarized form to the state licensing office
  • Accomplish the verification form required to verify the accreditation of the school from which you have obtained CNA certification
  • Submit medical card, fingerprint card, and the proofs of background check to the licensing authority
  • After the approval, be prepared for the fees for licensing, as it can vary from one state to the other
  • You can obtain your license only after you get the notification about the same

CNA License Examination

  • The exam comprises of 2 tests - technical/theory exam and practical/clinical test
  • The theoretical test is based on the classroom training session whereas the clinical test is based on the practical training session
  • The theoretical test paper consists of a specified number of multiple choice questions (MCQs in English only)
  • Some students find it difficult to solve the paper in English, therefore some states also provide an alternative of oral exam in other languages for the convenience of the students
  • Practical test consists of any 5 random clinical tasks to be performed successfully by the students within the given specified time
  • The instructor will be present during both the tests to monitor task of the students

Steps for Renewal of CNA License

  • First obtain the renewal form and fill the details in it
  • Obtain the second section of the form filled by the employer (current or within past 24 months)
  • After completing the filling of the form, email it to the mailing address of the respective state's licensing board
  • Keep checking for the status of renewal online through their official website
The license renewal may take maximum of 2 weeks.

Transfer of CNA License

  • Contact the nurse aide registry of your own state (by phone or email)
  • Ask for the application form and fill in the details
  • Submit the completed application form to the nurse aide registry, along with your current contact information
  • Contact the new state's nurse aide registry and ask them about the submission of the completed application form for the reciprocity (submission by email / post or in person)
  • Don't forget to inquire about the delivery of your new CNA license
  • Be in touch with the nurse aide registries of both the states regularly so as to avoid any complications

Documents to be Submitted for the Application of Reciprocity

  • Identity card (mostly driver's license)
  • The approval from your state's nursing registry
  • Proof indicating whether you are working as a certified nursing aide within past 2 years
  • Latest pay slip
  • Social security card
  • Educational and background check documents

Reasons for Losing Your CNA License

  • Failing to complete the renewal procedure before the due date of expiry
  • Failing to continue the nursing practice within the period of 24 months
  • Working as a certified nursing assistant, but failing to produce the proof when asked for
  • Losing the permit at the work place or anywhere and failing to find it back

Different Ways to Verify the License

  • Search for the address of the State's Nurse Aide Registry and the local address of the licensing authority, and contact either by calling or by sending email
  • Check for the online process of verification or status update (some states may also inform the status of the license through the online system of verification)
  • Visit the licensing authority's office personally, if the online verification system is not available, then carry along the certificate, number, serial number, issue date and other relevant documents that might be required for verification
  • Deposit the fees demanded by the authority for the verification purpose
  • Request the licensing authority to post a hard copy of the license to your mailing address and also ask them to send a copy via email

Advantages of the CNA License

  • It helps the students to get paid higher
  • It is considered as a proof of skills, talent, and efficiency of the students in nursing
  • It helps to acquire many opportunities to work at different health organizations

However, it is essential to obtain the hard copy of the CNA license, as it bears the original seal of the issuing authority. This hard copy can also be presented to the employers whenever required or to any independent verification agency for verification.

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