Certified Nursing Assistant License Classes

The level of educational qualification and skills of a certified nursing assistant are manifested by the CNA license. It is nothing but the written proof of the possession of all the skills and talent by nursing assistant to practice the work. As the name suggests, nursing assistants serve to assist the registered nurses (RNs) and at times, doctors in hospitals and nursing homes. They are the front liners in medical, health science and allied facilities to perform jobs like feeding patients, helping them bathe, giving medicines as per the prescriptions, monitoring their health regularly, reporting each and every significant change in patient's health to doctors, comforting the patients, repositioning them and the most importantly, communicating between the patients and doctors.

All the tasks performed by the nursing assistants are quite responsible and challenging, thus require a lot of skill and dedication. These 2 qualities are developed during the CNA classes. CNA course program prepares students to acquire the essential knowledge related to nursing as well as the skills that are required to work as professionals in nursing homes and hospitals. Taking CNA classes gives the state certification to the students, but getting the license makes it sure that the certified nursing assistant can now work at various recognized institutions as a professional nursing assistant. That license acts as the proof of the abilities of the student for the employers.

CNA Classes

CNA license classes are nothing but the CNA classes or CNA training program. The license can be obtained only after taking the classes and accomplishing the certification process. The classes for getting CNA classes are conducted by several high schools and vocational schools, community colleges, nursing homes and hospitals too. On completion of the educational requirements for the classes, students can enroll for these classes and start studying the aspects of nursing. All the essential facets of nursing which are theoretical, technical as well as practical or clinical are covered in the syllable of the CNA course program. Specific hour sessions are allotted for technical and clinical sessions. This course work tends to prepare the students pass the state exam and get the certification. After certification, they become eligible for application for the licensure.

CNA License Online Classes

CNA classes can also be taken online. Online programs provide with all the course material, lectures, interactive session videos for comprehensive learning, online practical sessions, etc., after which the students have to perform the clinical work for a specific hour period in an institution, under the supervision and guidance of the senior nurses

(CNA instructors). Online classes are beneficial for those who are not able to attend the regular classes or are working somewhere full time. The syllable and exam pattern of these online classes are the same as that of the regular offline classes.

However, the syllable, fees structure and exam patterns may differ from state to state due to many factors.

CNA Licensure Exam

The exam for getting the certification and license of the CNA consists of 2 tests - theoretical or technical and practical or clinical. Technical test has 55 multiple choice questions (MCQs) and clinical test has 5 of the clinical tasks to be performed. Bothe these tests are to be passed separately by the students and then only, they can get the certificate and the license.

Pre-requisites for CNA License

  • Student must have completed 18 years of age
  • Student must have completed a high school diploma or GED (equivalent to high school diploma)
  • Student should have completed 40 hours of training session under the instructions of a registered nurse (RN)
  • Student must possess proficiency in English so as to understand and communicate with the patients
  • If demanded by the licensing authority, student must submit the transcript
  • Student must have passed the CNA competency exam before applying for the license
  • Student should submit the medical check proof and background check proof which ensure the good health and clean background of the student

Steps for Getting CNA License

One should follow the following steps to obtain the CNA license -

  • Fill in the application form provided by the state licensing authority
  • Send the notarized form to the state licensing office
  • Accomplish the verification form required to verify the accreditation of the school from which you have taken CNA classes
  • Submit medical card, fingerprint card and the proofs of background check to the Department of Public safety
  • On getting approval, be prepared for the fees for licensing (can vary from state to state)
  • Obtain your CNA license only after you get the notification about the same

The CNA license has to be renewed after every regular time intervals, as it has an expiry date. It also has to be verified from time to time in order to check for its status, if it is active or inactive. The license has a restricted validity period before which it is to be reactivated. In case of change of state due to any reason, the CNA license can be transferred with the help of the state licensing authority.

CNA license classes helps students to take classes for becoming professional certified nursing assistants and getting the license for the same. This license serves as the proof of that nursing assistant's talent and skills to practice the work in the medical or health science institution.

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