American Red Cross CNA Programs

The American Red Cross was established in 1981 and since then, it is constantly working for the sake of sick and disabled people through the field of medical and health care. The Red Cross has become a significant name in the health care industry by now due to its various work facets in the medical and allied industry. The Red Cross also offers training courses for becoming certified nursing assistant so as to work in the same professional field later. This step of Red Cross is in response to the rising need of nursing professionals in allied health care field. It serves to train and prepare the best candidates to work as certified nursing assistants. The main purpose of this is to meet the increasing demands of the nursing professionals in the industry.

The Red Cross has its various chapters all over the country and 36 of them do conduct CNA classes. Due to different locations, aspects of certified nursing assistant classes can vary. However, it never compromises with quality of education and cost-effectiveness.

Minimum Requirements for Applying for the Red Cross CNA Program

  • The student must have completed 18 years of age
  • The student should no t be involved in any serious crime
  • The student cannot be pregnant while the classes are going on
  • The student should not have any infectious disease
  • The student must give a proof of negative TB test
  • The student must present background check proof

Red Cross CNA Classes

Certified nursing aide trainings at Red Cross chapters are held at flexible timings, but the duration depends upon the location of the chapter. The course content exactly meets the standards set by the state authorities and covers all the essential aspects related to nursing. The course is divided into technical session and practical session. The technical part is covered by the highly qualified nurses in theory sessions (also called as classroom sessions), while the practical part is covered in the clinical hands-on session in actual clinical environment. After completing the course program, the students have to successfully clear the exam approved by the state. This exam tests their knowledge in both senses, technical as well as clinical. If one passes both the tests, then only one can get the certified nurse assistant certification and license. Of not, there is an option of reappearing for the respective test.

Syllable Covered in the Red Cross CNA Program

  • Basic science
  • Physiology and anatomy
  • Basic hygiene
  • Patient care
  • Ethical treatment and patients' rights
  • Input and output measurement
  • Understanding vital signs
  • Keeping health charts and records
  • Interpersonal communication

Besides these regular topics, training of handling and operating sophisticated equipments, diagnosis, etc. is also given to the students. It also provides with clinical practice. This exclusive combination of training imparts the students an appreciable proficiency in all the essential aspects of nursing and allied health care fields. Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who work as instructors at the Red Cross chapters take care of all the technical and practical skills of their students.

Rules and Regulations in Red Cross CNA Programs

  • 100% attendance is mandatory
  • No student is allowed to miss more than 6 hours of the classes, which also one has to make up later
  • The final exam must be cleared with a minimum score of 80%

Benefits of Red Cross CNA Programs

  • National recognition
  • Certified nursing assistant programs can be done at Red cross online or offline as per one's convenience
  • Red Cross chapters' location and timings are flexible
  • The students can give their exam in their classrooms only
  • The best quality education is obtained at very affordable cost
  • Placement facility after completing the classes
  • Financial support to worthy students coming from low economic background
  • Once the Red Cross certified nurse assistant certification is obtained, one can work anywhere in the country

One of the most important plus point of Red Cross certified nursing aide program is that it assists its students for searching and getting the best possible jobs after they accomplish their classes and exam. The Red Cross students are considered to be the skilled and talented nursing assistants, as they are trained under registered nurses and they get exposure to the actual clinical environment as well as practice during their clinical hands-on training sessions.

Therefore, becoming a Red Cross certified nurse assistant is a first step towards a bright career in the profession of nursing. Red cross certified nurse aide training gives the students the national recognition and along with the best training in nursing techniques and skills.

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