CNA Nursing Programs

CNA nursing programs serve to prepare a workforce of entry level workers for a team in health care field, for a long-term care facility. Certified nursing assistants are the front line entities of nursing industry, who practice nursing under the guidance and supervision of registered nurses. There are many vital tasks, which these certified nursing assistants are associated with. Most of them are challenging and demand responsible working. The training required for acquiring all the aspects regarding nursing is offered by these nursing programs.

An Overview of CNA Nursing Program

The first step for those who want to become a nursing professional is to enroll in a CNA nursing program. This programs is conducted by many schools, vocational schools, community colleges, medical schools, nursing homes, convalescent homes, hospitals and also by elderly care centers. These facilities are under the regulation and supervision of the state authority and thus, the rules and regulations may differ from state to state. There are many aspects related to nursing program such as eligibility, enrollment, course content, course duration, and cost of the program, certified nursing assistant exam, certification, licensure, job opportunities, and job profile after becoming a certified nursing assistant, etc. All these aspects are to be considered while taking admission to such nursing programs.

A certified nursing assistant nursing program can last from minimum 3 weeks and maximum 3 months. This time span has to cover 2 kinds of sessions, technical or theoretical and practical or clinical. Both are given a specified time period for completion. The technical part gets covered in classroom sessions, while the practical aspects are covered in clinical hands-on sessions. The course material required for all the course work is provided by the facilities that offer the certified nurse assistant programs. After completing the classes, the students have to undergo the state assessment through the certified nursing aide exam. This exam is for the evaluation of the talent and skills of the students. This evaluation is done by a technical test and a clinical test. The technical test asks the students to solve a specific number of multiple choice questions and the practical test asks to perform any 5 clinical tasks under supervision of trained nurses.

The students have to clear both the tests separately in order to get the certified nursing assistant certification. Once they get the certificate, they become eligible to apply for the licensure. The license demands a few prerequisites after which it can be obtained within no time. The certified nurse assistant license ensures the nursing talent and skills of the student which signifies the ability of that student to work successfully at any professional health care or medical facility. The only disadvantage of the license is that it is valid only within the state of exam, and not all over the country. To overcome this, the certified nursing aide license can be transferred to the desired state. It also has to be renewed and verified from time to time in order to avoid its deactivation or expiry.

CNA Nursing Program Requirements

  • 17 Years of age completed
  • High school diploma or GED (general educational development) test completed
  • CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)certification (for some states)
  • First aid training and certification for the same (for some states)
  • Good physical status
  • Stamina so as to perform all the duties being a certified nursing assistant
  • A proof of being vaccinated

In CNA nursing program, the students are trained thoroughly to get skilled in all the tasks that the certified nursing assistants have to perform. Some of the topics which are focused by the program are:

  • Basic science
  • Physiology and anatomy
  • Patient care and safety
  • Medication and feeding
  • Health and population education
  • Handling and operation of advanced medical equipments

Job Profile of Certified Nursing Assistants

The certified nursing assistants have to perform various tasks under the registered nurses' supervision. As their name suggests, their function is to assist the senior nurses and doctors in different jobs at hospitals, nursing homes or any other medical and health care institution. Their job includes:

  • Feeding patients
  • Helping them to bathe
  • Medication as per the prescription
  • Repositioning them
  • Changing their clothes as well as bed linens
  • Identifying important signs given by patients
  • Reporting their health changes to RNs and doctors
  • Communicating effectively between the patients and doctors

The job of a certified nursing assistant does not seem to be typically glorious, but it definitely gives the job security in the non-ending arena of nursing and health care, where the demand for efficient working professionals would never end. It also enables one to earn good throughout the life span. Being a certified nurse assistant is just the first step of the nursing profession. A certified nursing aide can go for a LPN / LVN (licensed practical / vocational nurse) career after a sufficient experience and after that, a position of RN is always there to opt for. Thus, CNA nursing programs allow the students to step into the field of nursing to go for higher career opportunities.

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