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Certified nursing assistants who assist the doctors and registered nurses in hospitals and nursing homes are the front line workers of a health care field. This is because they have to perform so many challenging and responsible tasks throughout their duties as well as they have to remain on their foot ready for any emergency case. They work under the guidance and supervision of registered nurses (RNs) which automatically makes them to learn and practice the nursing skills daily. For becoming CNAs, the students have to complete certified nursing assistant training programs, either offline or online. Both kinds of courses are available; the only thing is that the students have to look for the best one out of them. The principal reason for selecting an CNA online program is lack of sufficient time for attending the offline classes.

Choosing the Best Online CNA Program

One has to first search various health schools, medical colleges, community colleges, vocational schools, nursing homes or hospitals and other health care institutions in local area for if they offer any online certified nursing aide classes for the students. This will make sure that the respective facility is in local area and can be easily contacted in case of any query. It is always better to find such a facility which is recognized or accredited by the state nursing board. Usually, the fees structure for certified nurse assistant programs is affordable, but some online certified nursing aide programs also offer free enrollment as well as free scholarship programs. This is very beneficial for those students who are opting for online classes only because they cannot afford to pay for offline classes. Like offline certified nurse aide programs, the duration of these online programs also may vary from 3 weeks to 6 months.

There are various free online classes too, but one should always be alert and search for the reliable one after thorough inquiry of the same. An Ideal Free Online certified nursing assistant Program Offers:

  • 100% free certified nurse assistant training course along with enrollment
  • All the information related with certified nurse aide certification and licensure
  • Step- by-step guide to obtain the certified nurse assistant license
  • Free course material including all the essential content of the syllable
  • General essential clinical tasks and steps for each of the skills
  • Illustrative course material composed of literature, descriptions, picture examples, demonstration videos
  • Practice tests meant for practicing before the state certified nursing aide exam
  • Instructions about fire safety, infection control and emergency situation
  • Group discussions involving the students through web based medium

An Overview of Online CNA Programs

Generally, online programs combine web based classroom instruction sessions with the on-site clinical work experience. This kind of course work helps the students best prepare themselves equally for the technical and practical certified nurse assistant exam of the state. Such classes make use of advanced internet based devices for communication, like emailing, interactive sessions, virtual classroom instructions, video conferencing, group discussion boards, etc. Theoretical part of the training program can be completed entirely online, but the clinical; part has to be a mix of online plus in person training sessions. This is so because the clinical training involves a few long hour shifts per week and the students have to practice their work under the guidance and supervision of a senior licensed nurse at any local health care agency. The syllable for both technical and practical courses is the same as that for the offline courses.

The state approved exam for online certified nurse aide programs is also conducted in 2 parts multiple choice questions on technical part and manual skills test on clinical part. Both the tests are required to pass separately by the students in order to get the certified nurse assistant certification and become eligible for the licensure.

Advantages of CNA Online Programs

The main advantages of online programs are flexible time schedules and hands-off training which does not require attending any practical sessions. This makes it easy and convenient to attend the online lectures as per one's suitable time schedule and learn the required techniques sitting in front of one's own computer or laptop. Online programs are beneficial for working professionals as well as students.

Disadvantages of CNA Online Programs

  • The greatest disadvantage of online classes can be its non-reliability: The students should check out well for the reliability of the respective online course, for it can be deceiving
  • Online courses are hands-off trainings, but they cannot be beneficial as in case of hands-on trainings: Hands-on training gives the actual clinical work experience, while hands-off training fails to give the same
  • Many of the professional medical and health care institutions do not tend to consider those students who have accomplished their certified nurse aide training online, for the jobs available at their facility
  • Those students who have completed certified nursing aide classes through accredited schools or facilities are always preferred over those who have completed the classes online, for placement after certified nurse assistant certification

In short, CNA online programs have a few advantages; but more disadvantages. One should decide how to take certified nurse assistant classes purely on the basis of convenience and other relevant factors. However, there are a few queries which must be sorted out before enrolling in online program.

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