CNA Certification Requirements

Certification of any specific field or profession is nothing but the publicly awarded credential that gives the proof of the candidate's capability to work in that particular profession. The certification exam is a formal exam that tests the level of knowledge, experience and skill sets required in that respective occupational field. Therefore, the CNA certification is a valid proof which signifies that the candidate is eligible to practice as a nursing assistant. Obtaining the certificate is an easy procedure, but it has certain requirements which must be fulfilled in order to get the certificate.

Job Duties of a CNA

Working in an acute care medical support environment is very much challenging and responsible. This vital function is served by the certified nursing assistants (CNAs). They are among the spines of the backbone of nursing profession who stand in front line in hospitals and nursing homes, for patient care. They perform various duties like bathing and grooming patients, changing their bed linens, feeding them, providing them medication, dressing them, comforting them emotionally in the clinical environment, keeping their health records, identifying their vital signs of patients, etc. Most importantly, they work as the communicators between the patients and doctors. The certified nursing aide usually assist registered or licensed nurses (RNs or LPNs) in the hospitals.

All these tough tasks require thorough nursing knowledge and skills. These are taught to the students in certified nurse assistant classes. These classes do cover all the necessary aspects of nursing and enable the students to get the certification for certified nursing assistant. This certificate is given by the state nurse aide registry and thus, has recognition. After one gets certified nursing aide certificate, one becomes eligible to apply for the license. The certificate has a number which gets registered on the state's nurse aide registry.

CNA Classes for Certification

CNA Classes Certified nurse aide classes are offered by various schools, community colleges, nursing homes, medical schools, health care facilities, etc. One can accomplish certified nursing aide classes offline or online as per the convenience. The classes last usually from 3 weeks to 3 months depending upon the time schedules and number of sessions covered. Some classes are regular and full time, while some are part time or weekend or short-term classes. All of these have the similar course work which is conducted during the training program and the program is said to be completed only after finishing the course work.

Requirements for CNA Classes

  • Age must be above 17
  • High school diploma must be completed and proof must be produced
  • If not high school diploma, GED (general educational development) test must be cleared and proof must be produced
  • TABE (test for adult basic education) must be cleared, in some states for English proficiency and simple Math
  • First aid training must be completed, in some states
  • CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in some states

After completing the classroom session and practical session in the certified nurse assistant program, the students have to appear for the certified nursing assistant state competency exam and successfully pass it for getting the certificate. The exam is state approved and thus, the requirements may vary for different states.

Pre-requisites of CNA Exam and Certification

  • The students are mandatory to have full attendance in CNA classes before appearing for the exam
  • The exam is conducted in 2 parts: technical and practical which are to be passes in separately
  • The technical test has multiple choice questions based upon the classroom sessions, while practical test has any 5 clinical skills (randomly) to perform in front of the RNs and supervisors
  • The students should meet all the requirements for the exam (as per the respective state)

For applying for the CNA certification exam, one has to follow a procedure that involves application form, fees for exam, etc. This procedure can be completed online or by mailing the details and required documents. The respective facility offering the classes provides a step-by-step guide along with all the related documents.

Possession of the CNA certification has its own benefits for the sake of a certified nursing assistant. It gives an indication about the potential and skill of the candidate of working as a nurse aide. It plays an important role during placement for jobs by the facility or applying for jobs individually. Students who seriously want to pursue their career in the nursing profession for long-term must possess the certified nurse assistant certificate. For that, they need to start by joining the certified nurse aide classes to obtaining CNA certificate and license.

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