CNA Schooling Requirements

As we all know, health care and medical fields are 2 such fields which would never be short of employment opportunities. There is unending demand of working professionals in these fields. Nursing profession has many hierarchies and each one requires a specific set of skills. Nursing career involves many steps such as certified nursing assistant (CNA), licensed practical / vocational nurse (LPN / LVN), registered nurse (RN), etc. Each of these steps demands a lot of nursing talent and hands-on nursing experience. The knowledge is obtained through the certified nursing assistant classes. CNA schooling is one of the most important aspects regarding certified nurse assistant career. It is offered by many of the high schools, vocational schools, community colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, convalescent homes, medical schools, health care institutions, etc. They work as per the respective state's requirements, but the course program content and other aspects may differ from state to state.

The schooling begins with a certified nursing aide training program which is followed by the certified nurse aide certification and licensing. The students can obtain the course training from any of the above mentioned facilities at an affordable cost. As the number of nursing assistants is increasing in demand, there is also an increasing demand of nursing schools that serve to prepare these nursing professionals.

Requirements for CNA Schooling

  • Basic education a high school diploma or degree with good GPA
  • GED (general educational development) certificate
  • Age above 17 years
  • Proficiency in English written and oral
  • Ability to perform simple Math
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Good background records
  • Physical fitness

Besides these basic requirements, there are some other pre-requisites which a certified nursing assistant must possess. The students expecting to get certified nurse aide training should have or be ready to acquire and develop communication and interpersonal skills. They should also be ready to work as a good communicator between the patients and doctors. The tasks that a certified nursing assistant has to perform are very much responsible and challenging. They need talent and skills of nursing so as to become a successful certified nursing aide. All the aspects related to nursing are covered in these classes.

CNA Schooling: An Overview

It is nothing but the combination of 2 kinds of sessions. First session involves classroom session covering the technical or theoretical coursework; while the second one covers the practical coursework by completing the clinical hands-on practice sessions. The technical session covers topics like basic science, anatomy and physiology, patient care, ethics of nursing, medical terminologies, medication and treatment basics, health and population education, etc. This course content tends to give thorough knowledge of theory to the students. In practical sessions, the students get familiar with all the clinical hands-on practices which are supposed to be performed by the nursing professionals. They include practicing for feeding and medicating the patients, helping them to bathe, grooming, bed making, repositioning the patients, identifying their vital signs, etc. They get to learn the handling and operating the advanced medical equipment. The nursing assistants also have to maintain the health record of the patients in form of charts and report every small change in patients' health to the senior nurses and doctors. They also have to communicate effectively between the patients and doctors.

After completing the CNA schooling, the students have to undergo the state exam of certified nurse aide which also tests them in 2 ways technical and practical. Technical test asks to solve multiple choice questions; while the practical test asks to perform 5 of the clinical skills under the supervision of instructors and senior nurses. The students are evaluated on the basis of their performance in both these tests. They have to pass separately in both tests in order to get the certificate of certified nursing assistant. After getting the certificate, the students are eligible to apply for the licensure. The certificate and license signify the capability and level of qualification of the candidate to work professionally as a certified nursing assistant at various health care and medical facilities. This enables the students to get their names registered in the respective state's registry. This is valid for and restricted to the same state; but if one wants to continue education or professional practice in any other state, then there is an option of getting the certificate / license transferred.

CNA Schooling through Online Sources

For the students' and working professionals' convenience, the training is also be available online. Many online sources are there which do offer certified nursing aide training and the students can get the nursing knowledge as per their own convenience. The best advantage of online training is its flexible time schedules and availability of online resources. Many schools, private and governmental facilities as well as other health care institutions offer online training facility.

Choosing the Best Certified Nursing Assistant School

The students must search for the state and federal government certified and licensed school for taking certified nursing aide classes. The training through an accredited school has very much recognition in nursing industry. It is also advantageous for certification, licensing and employment opportunities. After accreditation, fees structure is an important factor for deciding the certified nursing assistant school. The next and most important factor is the quality of education and clinical utilities provided by the facility.

Thus, CNA schooling includes technical and clinical training which tends to prepare the best candidates to become skilled and successful certified nursing assistant professionals. It has certain educational and other requirements.

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