Certified Nursing Assistant Skills

The very first step is to understand the difference between a skill and a task. Although there is very fine line or crossover among these two terms. In professional terms, a skill is an expertises that need to be developed and learned while a task is something basic or essential work that need to be performed.

The certified nursing assistant needs to possess skills to take proper care of the patient and perform the basic medical procedures efficiently. A CNA need to develop a cherished and strong relationships with the patient by proiding mental and emotional support. The personnel duties includes giving sponge bath, trimming nails, combing hair, changing cloths, shaving, and the toilet needs. An assistant has to perform these sensitive duties in a very formal and caring manner in order to prevent the patient from embarrassment. The relationship of the patient and the CNA is completely based on trust. All these come under tasks and skills.

Important CNA Skills

Listed below are some of the skills that a certified nursing aide should possess, as it helps in handling the patients in an effective manner.

Understand Body Mechanism
It is important to understand the body mechanics of the patient in order to properly take care of the patient.

This is one of the important skills that every nursing aide need to possess, as it will help to keep a track of the progress of the patient.

Follow the Procedure
A certified nursing aide need to follow the protocol and the policy of the organization strictly. They should be dedicated towards their work and should be adaptable to any given situation.

Critical Assessment
Along with awareness, it is necessary for nursing aide should possess the ability to think in a positive manner. This is a series of connections as the better thinker, decision-maker, and team player. This series is put together to know about the patient's condition from reports, documentation, and other observations.

Communication is one of the basic and most important skill that every nursing aide must possess. The Patient Care Technician has to communicate with registered nurse, doctors and importantly with patient. Conversation can be in the form of written documentation, or verbal communication.

Personal Fitness
A nursing aide has to be physically fit in order to perform various physical tasks to help the patients in performing their activities.

Compassion Toward Profession
Nursing assistant should be a loving and caring person, as it is need of this profession. Sometimes patients need to be dealt on an extremely personal level during the treatment process.

In this profession, nursing auxiliary takes care for people from different backgrounds, races as well as cultures. Therefore, CNAs should not show their dislikes to the patinets.

A CNA should possess a pleasant personality, which will help the patient to built trust.

Good in Practical Work
Certified nursing aide need to be prepared to perform form menial tasks.

Nursing aide need to be very efficient in responding to the need of the patients, as this profession deal with patients life and care.

Certified nursing assistant needs to be very particular and systematic about their work, as the life of patient is in their hands, even a small mistake may cause harm to patient's life.

Some of the Tasks that Certified Nursing Aide perform

CNA performs their duties as a part of a health care team and expected to carry out tasks such as
  • Understand the importance of verbal and non verbal communication
  • Understand the resident's right
  • Know the responsibility towards the patient
  • Personal and Patient Safety
  • Maintain cleanliness

Other nursing duties are catheter care, skin care, dental care, dressing and undressing of wounds, providing bed pan and urinal, apply elastic stockings, prepare bed, serve meal trays and understand the purpose of modified diets, feeding if necessary, and assist patients to washroom.

A nursing aide must be equipped to take care of the patient's physical condition and emotional as well. That is why a certified medication aide has to develop their skills in a proper and effective manner so that they can serve the patients. However, CNAs has to understand and assist the patients with their daily routine and support them emotionally. All these skills are a part of the CNA training, but they often take time to develop and practice to hone.

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