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To get certified as a nurse aide you must fulfill certain requirements which vary from state to state, but there is one thing common about the certification in all the states and that is the certification exam which consists of two papers and you have to pass both the papers. One is a written paper while other is the practical paper where the CNA practical skills are tested.

Most people who have got certified will give a testimony to the fact that it is the practical paper that is more difficult to pass. For the theory one if you give enough time to study the material provided by your training institute you can easily get through.

For the practical exam you may look for the some information about on the internet; just type ”how to pass CNA skills test” and you will find ample information about it. All you need to do is go through all the information and make notes to club the information in a way that it will suit your needs. CNA clinical skills study guide can be another source of information which has all the concepts and procedures of the various tasks in a written format. These guides are available in the standard page bonded format or you can check for them online. Some of the books recommended by experts for CNA practical skills are as follows:

Mosby's Textbooks for Nursing Assistants

This book is considered as a complete guide of CNA clinical skills and is a trusted source for understanding the abilities of a CNA. The book consists of detailed information on the various tasks of a nurse aide like taking vital signs, admission and discharge procedures and documentations, infection control and hygiene measures, emergency or acute care measures, physical examination, nutrition and fluids etc.

The most important feature is that the book is in a layman's language so it is easy to understand all the information for aspiring nursing assistants who have no healthcare background. It distinguishes between child care and old age care and has as many as 100 procedures for nurse aides. If you want to prepare for the CNA practical exam this book is a comprehensive package for you.

Nursing Diagnosis Handbooks: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care

Written by Betty J. Ackley and Gail B. Ladwig this is another book that can help you prepare for the practical paper of your certification exam. This book guides you to prepare patient care plans tailor made for individual patients. You can study this book and practice skills considering different types of patients. Suring the exam the examiner can ask you to perform tasks on various scenarios asking you to assume the patient's condition.

The book has a three step process; information evaluation, diagnosis based on the evaluation and patient care based on the diagnosis. It consists of over 1300 case studies with symptoms, medical and psychiatric diagnosis and the concluding patient care process. With so many case studies this book is useful not only for the CNA clinical skills test but also when you practice as a nursing assistant.

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram

Linda Whitenton and Marty Walker are the authors of this helpful book which has all the relevant information about the certification exam; be it the theory or the practical paper. It gives you all the necessary information about how to prepare for both these papers so that you can get the certification with ease.

The book is logically divided into chapters based on tasks like safety, resident rights, equipment care, personal care abilities, restorative proficiency etc. Some chapters discuss about measuring vital signs, taking specimen while others talk about hand washing, bathing, dressing and grooming. This book is the most referred book as it is written by experts and serves as a perfect guide to prepare for the certification exam.

These are some of the books that will very helpful to you for the preparation of the certification exams. These books come with a video kit; these are various videos which are performed by experts using the best procedures for each skill.

Apart from referring to these books there are other ways to brush up your CNA practical skills so that you will be completely prepared to pass the certification test. While in training you must make sure that you attend all the clinical training classes as it is the best place to learn and practice under the careful eye of your instructor.

After the training is over it is essential that you take as many practice tests as possible and review your clinical abilities. Don't take your exam likely, especially the practical paper as this is where most students fail to make the cut.

There are some indirect abilities which you must be fully aware of because they rate your performance, have a different rating scale and they directly affect you overall grades. The indirect skills include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Awareness of resident rights
  • Safety and comfort of patients
  • Infection control skills

Make sure that you practice these indirect capablities along with the CNA practical skills so that it becomes natural for you to use these; by doing this you will not just clear the certification exam but will be an asset to the medical facility that employs you and a true healthcare friend to the patients you are serving.

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