CNA Skills Review

CNA ability check is an essential step you must take before attempting the certification exam and particularly the CNA clinical skills test as it will give you an evaluation of your preparedness for the practical test. You have many options to carry out this reassessment and you may choose the one that suits you the best.

CNA skills review is also done by practicing nurse aides at regular intervals in their career to keep themselves updated with the best information of patient care. Some of the options that you can choose from for CNA nursing abilities cross check are as follows:
  • CNA skills practice test

    After you are done with your CNA training program you can take CNA skills practice tests to reassessment of the tasks you learnt during the training. Many of the training programs make it compulsory for the students to take these practice tests for better preparation for the exam.

    To take practice tests you can ask a co-student to help you; he/ she can act as a patient and you will practice your craft. Such a person can correct you if you are following a wrong procedure while performing a task. Take help of a third person who will check through the list of tasks you must have made during your training and will evaluate your craft based on the checklist. You can follow the same procedure while the co-student takes his/ her practice.

    If possible take a practice test in front of your clinical skills instructor as he/ she will be the best person possible to evaluate your abilities; check for his/ her time and schedule your practice tests accordingly. Remember that you will have to perform the clinical tasks in front of a state examiner, so performing you craft in front of your instructor will prepare you in a better way and you will have more confidence.

  • CNA skills review courses

    Many training schools conduct CNA skills review courses after the mandatory training is over and you can enroll into one such program to cross check your skills; this is a professional way of carrying out the reassessment. A professional course will provide for checks at regular intervals, structured guidance and feedback on the progress you are making, so such courses are worth the investment.

    These review classes are of very short duration; two to four days and the courses are structured based on the frequently asked tasks during a CNA clinical paper and are conducted by experienced instructors for a thorough assessment of your abilities.

    A nurse aide's job is not just about physical needs of the patients; you should also be compassionate and empathetic to provide comfortable assistance to the patients. These reassessment classes help you understand the job responsibilities in a better manner so that you can perform your duties to the best of your abilities.

    CNA certification exams differ from state to state and if you need to change your job location and start practice in a different state, you will have to clear the exam conducted by that state. These CNA reassessment courses will assist you in understanding about the state exams and you can then pass the certification exam.

  • Videos and study guides

    The internet has made a revolution in online education and if you are confident that you can pass the exam without the review courses, it could be a great source for learning. Many videos on various CNA skills are available on the internet, which are performed by experts and you can refer to them to assess your skills.

    CNA clinical skills study guide is another resource that can be helpful to you in reexamining your abilities. Many such guides are available and you can research and get the study guide that suits your needs. These study guides are a written form of the concepts and tasks of CNAs and study tools and practice tests are included. You can buy your study guide or watch the numerous videos to cross check your CNA abilities and then take the practice tests for preparation.

  • Other CNA review programs

    Other CNA skills review programs are for those who are looking to work in a specific setting like in a metal department of a hospital or a pediatric care center or if you will be assisting terminally ill patients suffering from cancer like diseases or HIV/ Aids patients in a long term care facility. All these settings require different abilities and the reassessment program for these duties will be ideal for you to gain the required skills.

Specialization and continuing education can help you in fetching higher salaries so it will be an advantage if you take up these courses, but make sure that you want to work in these special settings as the job can be more strenuous as compared to working in normal settings.

Some states have made it mandatory that licensed CNAs should take refresher exams every two years to keep them updated with the new techniques emerging; if the CNA has not completed the refresher programs then the license renewal is denied in these states. Some practicing nursing assistants take initiative and join such programs to reassessment their abilities.

CNA is a hands-on profession, so periodic CNA skills review is necessary to put in best practices and is a very good tool to reassessment your craft for the clinical paper and pass it along with the theory paper and get certified.

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