Alaska CNA State Exam

A person who wishes to become a certified nursing assistant in Alaska must complete and pass Alaska CNA State Exam. This is essential in order for you to receive a CNA certification as well as a CNA license that allows you to search and find job not only in Alaska but any state in the USA.

The population is ever on the rise and so is the demand for state of the art medical health care centers and research centers to cater to varying needs medical health care needs of people from all age groups. This has led to many new health care facilities to come up in Alaska which is facing a shortage of good certified nursing assistants as against the volume required. Hence, Alaska is considered by many as the land of opportunities aplenty. It's a good place to let your career start off but before that you need to follow a proper channel to get there.

A person choosing to become a certified nursing assistant can get himself employed with various health care service providers such as, hospitals, clinics, private nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, acute care centers, adult day care centers, mobile medical health care units, universities, laboratories, community health centers, research centers, Government public health care units, military hospitals and also the private homes of patients requiring round the clock medical care and attention.

The job of a certified nurse assistant includes taking care of both medical as well as non medical needs of the patients. A certified nursing aide looks after personal hygiene, diet, overall well being, administering medicines, checking for vital signs etc. The certified nurse aide helps the patient with his daily activities, takes him for a walk, helps him take bath, use the toilet, take sufficient and proper food and timely medicine. The certified nurse assistant is also responsible for maintaining a daily medical record of the patient's health by taking down temperature, pulse, blood pressure and respiration. The certified nursing assistant spends most of his time with the patients; hence both the patient and the certified nursing aide find a certain comfort level with each other. This leads the patient to open up to the certified nurse aide and reveal some facts that actually help in understanding the medical issues related to the patient better and offer the best suitable treatment. The certified nursing assistant also provides emotional support to the patients as in many cases it's not just the medicine and treatment that heal a person but kindness and compassion are equally essential.

Anyone wanting to become a certified nursing assistant in Alaska has to at least have a high school or GED degree. However, the higher the qualification you possess better will be your future career prospects. In case you possess neither the diploma nor a GED degree, you can still participate in the certified nurse assistant training program if you get good grades in a reading comprehension test. If you have got the qualification and are eligible, next you should do is get admission in the certified nursing aide training program that is state approved. In the state of Alaska, Pearson VUE administers the Alaska CNA State exam. The certified nurse aide training program spanning about 140 hours, includes 60 hours of classroom learning and 80 hours of hands on clinical training. The certified nursing assistant training program offered by Alaska is arguably one of the best that is offered in the USA. This program costs a student around $2000. Few nursing facilities also provide the training for free and also provide scholarships.

After the successful completion of the certified nursing aide training program, the candidate has to appear for CNA State Exam which comprises a written as well as a practical test. The written test is usually a set of 100 multiple choice questions based on the classroom learning that the candidate needs to answer within a stipulated time frame. A candidate needs to pass this written test so as to be eligible to take the next test which is the practical test. As soon as the student is finished with the written test grading is done and the students are informed whether they have scored enough to move to the level. Those who fail are asked to leave the testing area while the ones who have passed are called individually for the certified nursing aide practical test. The student has to demonstrate his skills and understanding on a live model before the State examiners. The skills that are mostly personal care related are observed closely by the State examiners. It's likely that you might be little anxious about the whole thing but this is your opportunity to present your skills and temperament that you are ready to be absorbed in the highly demanding world of CNA jobs.

If the candidate passes both the written as well as the practical test, he can receive his Alaska certified nurse assistant certification as well as the certified nursing aide license which allows a Certified Nursing Aide to take up job in any state in the USA.

A student who can't pass the CNA State exam can appear for the test a total of three times. If he still doesn't make it he will have to retake the whole Alaska certified nursing aide training program and appear for the Alaska CNA State Exam.

A certified nursing assistant usually works in a team of doctors and registered nurse and carries out the responsibilities as assigned by the concerned doctor. The certified nurse assistant is sensitive, understanding with a good interpersonal communication skill which helps him help patients to share their problems and grief.

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