Colorado CNA State Exam

Colorado CNA State Exam is your gateway to an exciting job as a certified nursing assistant in Colorado. Passing the CNA State exam would help you get CNA certification as well as CNA license. This allows you to search and take up job in any state in the USA without getting into any legal problem.

The state of Colorado has witnessed a surge in its medical health care industry in recent times. The population is growing and so is the demand for high tech and state of the art medical facilities and units. This has led to many new establishments coming up which require a good number of qualified certified nursing aides. Hence, Colorado is considered by many as a land of opportunities galore and want to let their career begin from this state. However, to make this dream come true, one has to complete and pass the Colorado CNA State Exam.

A person wanting to pursue a career as certified nursing assistant can look forward to a career with various health care providers in the state such as, hospitals, clinics, private nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, acute care centers, adult day care centers, universities, laboratories, community health centers, research centers, Government public health care centers, military hospitals and also the private homes of patients who are in need of constant medical care and attention.

The job of a CNA includes wide range of responsibilities. A certified nursing aide provides a patient with both medical as well as non medical care and attention. He looks after the patient's diet, administers medicines, maintains personal hygiene and checks for vital signs. He takes the patient for a stroll in the hospital premises, helps him take bath, use the toilet, change clothes, feeds the patient if he can't do by himself, gives him his medicines on time, maintains a daily health record by taking down temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration and hands it over to the concerned doctor who instructs further treatment based on these facts. It's helpful in monitoring the progress of the patient and administering timely treatment.

The patient is also provided with emotional support by the certified nursing aide. The patient spends most of his time in the company of the CNA and hence develops a bonding. He may reveal some facts in the process that might actually be helpful in providing him with the best suitable treatment. Thus a certified nurse aide has many roles to perform and responsibilities he carries out.

A person willing to make a career as a certified nurse aide should at least have a GED degree or a diploma to be eligible to get enrolled in the Colorado CNA training program. This training program consists of both classrooms as well hands on clinical training. The number of written test questions varies from state to state but an average of 70 multiple choice questions which are in English need to be answered by the student within the time allowed. The candidate has to pass both of these tests in order to clear the CNA State Exam. For those who aren't comfortable appearing the test in English can chose from a Spanish or English oral version.

Once, the candidate has passed the written test he can move to the next which is practical test. The student has to perform at least 5 tasks chosen randomly out of 25 hands on skills which have been taught and practiced during the CNA training program. The candidate has to perform all the tasks in order to pass it. The performance will be evaluated by a State examiner and you will be graded according to the tasks performed. You may feel nervous at the prospect of having to perform the skills under the close observation of the State examiner but rather take it as an opportunity to present your skills and understanding and prove that you have the talent and the temperament to handle the daily pressure and perform up to the level expected.

A certified nurse aide is polite, sensitive, understanding and has a pleasing personality with a good command over the English language. This helps him handle the patients coming from all over the state and beyond and understand their health issues and offer assistance accordingly. He is well equipped to handle pressure situations as well as frustrations of the patients while maintaining his cool all the while.

After you have passed the CNA State Exam you have a good career prospect as they are always in demand. No health care service provider can ever do away with the services of the CNAs. A certified nurse aid may stand low as far as the hierarchy of the medical professionals is concerned however that doesn't mean they have fewer responsibility or they aren't as important as other professionals. The job of a CNA may at times get hectic and require you to report for duties even during holidays or when you are on leave, but if you have the passion and the drive to help the ailing and bring a positive difference to someone's life, this is the job you will never regret having chosen as your career.

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