Florida CNA State Exam

Florida CNA State Exam is the key to the door of opportunities as a Certified Nurse Aide. You need to complete and pass the CNA State Exam in order to be awarded a certified nursing assistant certification and license. This allows you to search and take up job in any state in the USA without getting into legal trouble.

Florida has recently seen a demand for high tech and state of the art medical health care centers and hospitals. The population is ever growing and it's pushed the medical sector infrastructure to expand to accommodate the varying health care needs of the people belonging to different age groups. A number of new hospitals and research centers have come up who require a good number of Certified Nurse Aides to work in their agencies. There has been a shortage of certified nursing aides as against the volume required and this has led many to believe Florida as a land of opportunities. However, before one can make his dream of starting his career as a Certified Nurse Aide in Florida come true, he will have to pass the Florida CNA State Exam.

A person aspiring to make his career as a certified nursing assistant must be at least 18 years of age and should have a minimum qualification of high school or a GED degree. This makes one eligible to get enrolled for state approved certified nurse assistant training program that consists of a minimum of 120 hours inclusive of classroom as well as practical learning. The teachings cover knowledge about infection control, personal care, hygiene, nutrition, therapeutic procedure, client/patient rights, appropriate workplace conduct and patient communication. The written test usually comprises of a set of multiple choice questions that need to be answered within a specific time limit. As you finish the written test an evaluation will be done and grading awarded. If you score sufficiently high you will be allowed for the next level that is the practical test. Under the practical test you will be required to present your knowledge and skills on 5 tasks and have to perform them correctly to pass it. You will have to perform these tasks under the close observation of State.

Examiners who will then be evaluating your performance. You might feel nervous at the whole prospect of having to perform before the State Examiners, rather you should take it as an opportunity to show your skills and prove that you have the required talent and are ready to be absorbed in the competitive world of a certified nursing aide.

You will not find it difficult to pass the test if you have followed the classroom teachings and the practical instructions. You can go through your notes and handbook and also appear for CNA practice test in order to get acquainted with the real certified nurse assistant test. This helps you brush up on your speed so that you can answer maximum number of questions and also boosts your confidence and removes fear.

However, if you fail the exam you are allowed to take a total of three attempts at clearing the certified nursing assistant State Exam. But if you can't still pass it you will be required to retake the entire Florida CNA training program and then appear for the Florida CNA State Exam.

A person who has passed the CNA State Exam lets the door of opportunities open up to him. He can choose from many options and pick the one that suits you better. A person with a Florida certified nursing aide certification can look forward to an exciting career with various health care service providers like, hospitals, research centers, acute care centers, adult day care centers, rehabilitation centers, clinics, private nursing homes, universities, laboratories, mobile health care units, community health centers, military hospitals, Government public health care centers and also the private homes of patients requiring round the clock medical care and attention.

A certified nurse aide may stand low on the hierarchy of medical professionals; however that doesn't mean that they aren't as important or they have less responsibilities. In fact, no health care service provider can do away with the services of certified nurse aides. A certified nurse aide is trained to handle the plight and frustration of the patients. He understands their problems, is sensitive to their issues and offers appropriate assistance. He has good interpersonal communication skills which helps him handle the patients coming from all over the State and beyond.

A certified nursing assistant who has successfully cleared the certified nurse aide State Exam has good career prospects and if you have higher qualification than just the basic education you may also start with a better entry level salary.

The job nature of a certified nursing aide may at times be hectic and eat into your personal space as you might be required to report for duty even when you are on leave or when there is holiday. This may leave you with little personal time and space but if you have the passion to serve the ailing, this is the job you will surely love.

There are very few jobs that not only earn you money but also the satisfaction at having made a positive difference to someone's life. And the job of a certified nurse assistant is one among such.

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