Kentucky CNA State Exam

Kentucky CNA State Exam is your gateway to a successful career as a Certified Nurse Aide with various health care service providers. You need to pass the certified nursing aide state exam so as to be awarded with the CNA license and certification which allows you to search and work in any state in the United States even if you don't originally belong to the particular state, without inviting legal problems.

Kentucky has been witnessing a lot of development in terms of medical health care service recently. Kentucky's population has been increasing and so is the need for modern and state of the art medical facilities and research centers to cater to different health care needs of people belonging to all age groups. There are many new hospitals coming up and there has been a great demand for qualified CNAs to work in these facilities but there is a shortage of good certified nursing assistants as against the volume required. This has led to many posts remaining vacant. So, if you want to tap this opportunity and kick off your career from Kentucky, the first things that you need to do is complete and pass the Kentucky CNA State Exam.

A person willing to become a Certified Nurse Aide needs to be at least 18 years and old and possess a high school or a GED degree. However, higher the qualification better will be the career prospects but this is the basic qualification required to qualify for the State approved certified nursing assistant training program. The training program is divided into classroom and practical training pertaining to personal care, hygiene, nutrition, infection control, patient/client rights and patient communication. After the successful completion of the training program the candidate has to appear for the CNA State Exam that again comprises a written and a practical test. The written test is usually a set of multiple choice questions that needs to be answered within a given time frame. As soon as you finish the test, you are evaluated and if you score sufficiently high you are allowed to the next level which is the practical test. Under this test you will be given 5 tasks to perform on a live model. You have to complete all 5 tasks correctly so as to pass this test.

You may feel nervous at having to perform the tasks under the observation of state examiners but rather take this as an opportunity to present your talent, temperament and capabilities to be absorbed as a Certified Nurse Aide in the job world.

If you pass both the written and the practical test, you are declared as having passed the Kentucky CNA State Exam. However if you fail you can still appear it for a maximum of 3 times and if you still don't make it you will have to retake the entire training program and then sit for the certified nursing assistant State Exam once again. But if you have followed the classroom and the practical instructions carefully, you shouldn't find it too difficult to crack as the questions are based on what has already been taught during the training program. For better preparation one can also refer to the handouts and notebooks.

Take CNA practice tests to equip yourself with the speed required to answer maximum number of questions and familiarize with the pattern of the exam. This will also help enhance your confidence and lessen your fears.

Once you have passed the Kentucky CNA State Exam, you can look forward to a career with various health care service providers such as, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, critical care centers, adult day care centers, private nursing homes, military hospitals, universities, laboratories, community health centers, research centers, Government public health care centers, mobile health care units and also private homes of the patients who are terminally ill and require 24 hours medical care and attention.

A certified nurse aide is sensitive, polite and has good communication skills which help him to handle patients coming from across the State and beyond. He is equipped to manage pressure situations and understand the patients' agony and offer them appropriate help while remaining calm all the while. A certified nursing assistant has a good career growth and as he grows in experience and knowledge over the years he has chance to get associated with the best brands in the health care service industry.

A certified nurse assistant may stand fairly low on the hierarchy of the medical professionals but that can't take away the value they add to the whole patient care service. A certified nurse assistant usually works in a team of doctors and registered nurse and carries out the duties as assigned to him by the concerned doctor. The job nature of a certified nursing aide may at times get very hectic with unscheduled reporting for duties even on holidays or when your are on leave. That may leave you cramped for personal space but if you are passionate about helping those who can't help themselves this is the right job for you. There are very few jobs that not only earn you money but also the satisfaction at having made a positive difference to someone's life and the job of a certified nurse aide is one among such.

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