Maine CNA State Exam

Maine CNA State Exam is the key to a successful career as a Certified Nurse Aide. A person has to have completed and passed the CNA State Exam to be awarded with certified nursing assistant certification and license. This helps to find jobs with any health care service provider across the United States.

Maine is a state that has been progressing as a medical hub with many new state of the art hospitals and other such facilities coming up. The state has seen a rise in its population in recent years and hence the latest facilities to cater to the different health care needs of people belonging to all age groups. However, there have been shortages of qualified certified nursing aides to serve in these health care units leading to many vacant positions that need to be filled up urgently. So, if you are thinking of tapping the opportunity and make your career in Maine, the first thing you will need to do is pass the Maine CNA State Exam.

A person willing to become a certified nurse aide must be at least 18 years old and should have a high school or a GED degree. This makes you eligible to get enrolled for the Maine CNA training program. This training program is divided into classroom and a clinical training part which familiarizes the students with various factors like the personal care, nutrition, infection control, therapeutic procedures, patient/client rights and also patient communication. After the successful completion of the training program the candidate has to appear for the Maine CNA State Exam which again comprises a written and a practical test. The written test is usually a set of 100 multiple choice questions that needs to be answered within a given time frame. As soon as you are done with the written test, you will be evaluated and if you score sufficiently high, you will be allowed to the next level which is the practical test. Under the practical test you will be assigned 5 skill tasks by the state examiners who will be observing you as you go about the tasks.

These tasks are mainly related to personal care that needs to be performed on a live model. The prospect of having to perform in front of the state examiners might make you nervous but then this is your chance to leave an impression and prove your talent and capabilities that you are ready for the certified nursing assistant job and to take the pressure and deliver to your best. You should be careful though, as you need to complete all 5 tasks correctly in order to pass the practical part.

Cracking the Maine CNA State Exam shouldn't be that tough on you if you have followed the classroom and practical instructions carefully because the questions are based on all that has been taught during the training period. You can also refer to handouts and notebooks and go for practice tests that help you hone your skill. It also helps to improve on your speed so that you can answer maximum number of questions besides getting acquainted with the pattern of the exam.

If you pass both the written and practical part, you are declared to have passed the certified nurse assistant state exam. This gets a Maine certified nurse assistant certification and a license registered on the Maine Nurse Aide Registry. And you are ready to search and take up job with any registered health care service provider in Maine. However, in the event that you fail the exam you are allowed to appear for the test for a maximum of 3 times failing which you will have to retake the entire training program and sit for the certified nursing aide state exam again.

After passing the certified nurse aide state exam, you open up a whole lot of opportunities to choose from that suits your expectations and profile. A person with a certified nursing assistant certification can look to have a career with a variety of health care units like, hospitals, clinics, private nursing homes, laboratories, universities, community health centers, critical care units, adult day care centers, rehabilitation centers, Government public health care centers, mobile health care units, research centers, military hospitals and also private homes of patients requiring round the clock medical care and services.

A certified nurse aide has a good career prospect and if he has higher qualification than just a basic education, he may also stand to get better starting salary. As he gains in experience and knowledge he may also get a chance to get associated with the best names in the health care service industry.

A certified nurse aide is equipped to handle the pressure situations, understand the patients' plight and offer appropriate assistance. He is sensitive and has good interpersonal communication skills that help him handle the rush of patients from across Maine and beyond.

A certified nurse aide may stand low on the hierarchy of medical professionals but that doesn't mean that they have fewer responsibilities or they are less important. In fact, no health care provider can do without the services of the certified nursing assistants.

The job of CNA may at times get hectic with unscheduled reporting for duty to attend to emergencies at odd hours and even when your are on leave. This may eat into your personal time and space but if you have the passion and the drive to serve the ailing and the helpless, you will love this job.

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