Nevada CNA State Exam

Nevada CNA State Exam paves the way for you to a career as a Certified Nurse Aide. A person has to pass the Nursing State Exam to be awarded with the CNA certification and license which allows a person to work in any state in the USA.

Nevada is a state that has witnessed the population rise in recent years. This has led to an increase in the number of modern and advanced medical health care units and research centers so as to provide health care solutions to people belonging to different age groups with different health problems. However, there has been a shortage of qualified Certified Nurse Aides to work in these health care service agencies leading to many vacancies that urgently need to be filled up. Hence, many people believe Nevada to be a place of many opportunities and make the most of it. If you too want to tap this opportunity and push your career further, you have to get through the Nevada State Exam.

A person wishing to make a career as a certified nursing assistant should at least be 18 years old and have a high school or GED degree which is essential to get admission in the state approved CNA training program. This program spans for a maximum of 75 hours and is split into written and a practical part. It is designed to impart knowledge on various health care aspects like, hygiene, nutrition, personal care, therapeutic procedures, infection control, fire safety, patient/client rights and patient communication. After the successful completion of the training program, the student has to appear for the final competency test which again comprises a written and a practical test. The written test is usually a set of 100 multiple choice questions that needs to be answered within a given time frame. As you finish the test, you are evaluated and if you have scored enough, you are allowed to the next level which is the practical part. In the practical test, you are assigned 5 skills by the state examiner which are mainly related to personal care and have to be performed on a live model within a specified time. You must complete all tasks without an error so as to pass the practical part. The whole prospect of having to perform before the state examiners might make you nervous but remain cool and take this as an opportunity to prove your mettle and present your skills that you have it in you to become a responsible certified nursing aide.

Once you clear both the parts, you are declared to have passed the CNA State Exam. Cracking the State Exam may not be that difficult for you if you have the followed the classroom and the practical sessions carefully. You may also refer to the notebooks, handouts and also take practice test which help you prepare better for the real exam. This helps you brush up on your speed and also lets you have an idea about the kind of questions you may face.

However, if you fail the exam, you can appear it for a maximum of 3 times and if you still don't pass it, you will have to again undergo the training program.

Once, you have passed the Nevada CNA State Exam, you open up doors to so many bright prospects. As it's the beginning of your career, you should make a sensible decision and go for the one that lives up to your expectation and profile. Having passed the State Exam gets you listed and registered on the Nevada Nurse Aide Registry and lets you search for job and work with any health care service provider in Nevada or any state across the USA without getting into legal problems. A person with CNA certification can find job with health care facilities like, hospitals, clinics, universities, laboratories, private nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, adult day care centers, critical care centers, mobile health care units, community health centers, research centers, military hospitals, community health centers, Government public health care centers and also private homes of patients requiring 24 hour medical care and attention.

A certified nurse aide is sensitive, understanding and has good command over the English language which helps him manage the rush of patients from Nevada and beyond. He is trained to handle pressure situations and offer assistance as and when appropriate.

A certified nurse aide is always in demand and no health care service agencies can ever do without the services of the nursing assistants. If he has higher qualification, he may also start with a higher starting salary. As he gains in knowledge and experience he may also get to work with the best in the business. Some health care service providers also offer benefits like, health cover, life insurance, gratuity, retirement saving plan, paid holidays and paid leave.

This job profile may stand fairly low as far as the hierarchy of medical professionals is concerned but they are equally valuable and important for offering quality services to the patients.

The job of the CNA may at times get hectic and interfere with your personal life but if you have the passion and the willingness to serve the ailing and the helpless, this is the right job for you.

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