Oklahoma CNA State Exam

Oklahoma CNA State Exam paves the way for an enriching career as certified nurse aide. You need to complete the CNA State Exam in order to be awarded with the CNA certification which allows you to work in any state in the USA without inviting any legal problems.

Oklahoma of late has been witness to a surge in its population. This has subsequently led to a demand for modern and state of the art health care facilities and research centers to cater to the medical needs of people from all ages. So, there have been many new establishments come up in Oklahoma but which are in want of quality CNAs to work with them. This has resulted in demand for a good number of CNAs to fill up the vacant positions. Hence, many believe Oklahoma to be a land of opportunities and want to make the most of it. If you too possess the same desire you should first pass the Oklahoma CNA State Exam.

An aspirant wanting to make it big as a certified nurse assistant has to be 18 years old and have a high school or GED degree to his credit. This makes him eligible to get enrolled for the state approved CNA training program that is offered by many Universities and Institutes. The training program spanning a minimum of 70 hours is divided into classroom and practical sessions. The course is designed in a manner so as to impart the students with knowledge on health care aspects including hygiene, personal care, infection control, nutrition, therapeutic procedures, patient/client rights and patient communications. After completing the training program, the student has to appear for a competency test that again comprises a written as well as a practical test. The written test is usually a set of 100 multiple choice questions that needs to be answered within a particular time. As soon as you are done, you are evaluated and if you have scored well you are allowed to the next level which is the practical test. In the practical test the state examiners would assign you 5 skills related to personal care and ask you to perform them on a live model. You have to complete all of the tasks under the watchful eyes of the state examiners and without making an error, only then you will be able to pass the practical test. Don't get nervous at the prospect of having to perform in front of the state examiners rather take this as an opportunity and present your temperament, skills, talent and leave a lasting impression.

In order to prepare well for the exam go through the handouts, notebooks and also take the practice tests. This hones your skills and also brushes up your speed so that you are able to answer the maximum number of questions. If you have followed the classroom and clinical skills instructions carefully, you will not find the exam tough as most of the questions are based on what have been taught during the training period.

If you clear both the written and practical part, you are declared to have passed the CNA State Exam. This gets you registered and listed on the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry and then you can start your job search and take up job with any health care service provider across the USA. However, if you fail the exam you can still attempt it for a maximum of 3 times and if you yet don't make it, you need to undertake the entire training program and sit for the test.

After you pass the Oklahoma CNA State Exam, you get many options before you to choose from. You should go for the one that best suits your skills and expectations. You have so many health care agencies to pick from, like hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, critical care centers, adult day care centers, private nursing homes, universities, laboratories, mobile health care units, research centers, community health centers, military hospitals, Government public health care centers and also private homes of terminally ill patients who require constant medical care and attention.

If you have successfully cleared the CNA State Exam and you also possess a higher qualification, you may also begin with a higher entry level salary. And as you gain in experience and knowledge you can also have chances to get to work with the best brands in the health care service industry. Some leading health care providers also offer benefits like retirement saving plan, health insurance, life insurance, paid leaves, gratuity and paid holidays besides the salary.

A certified nurse assistant is sensitive, polite with good communication skills which help him manage the rush of patients from across Oklahoma. He is trained to handle pressure situations and offer appropriate assistance when needed while remaining calm all through.

The job of the CNA may at times get hectic with unscheduled reporting for duty at odd hours. This may eat into your personal space and time. But if you draw satisfaction and have the motivation to bring a positive change in someone's life, this is the job you will love.

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