Certified Nursing Assistant Training

Becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) require proper training. It is important that you should obtain the best training available; thereby choosing the best community college in your area. The training usually takes 6-12 weeks and is often conducted in a community college or a medical facility. Training program will provide you the basic knowledge of nursing in order to receive the state license for which you need to appear for examination conducted by state health council. Most of the CNA programs are relatively short in duration. You are be able to complete them and start working in a fairly short period of time. Most of these specialized training programs comprise of 120 to 140 hours of classroom lectures. The program includes a number of different topics such as basic nursing skills, proper body metabolism, etc.

The different topics are taught either by Registered Nurses (RNs) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). You will learn a lot of different skills and gain a lot of knowledge during the course. There is also a required minimum 75 hours of clinical training, which is also known as Clinical Externship.

The training module covers:

  • Age-specific care through the lifespan
  • Safe patient care delivery
  • Infection control principles and practices
  • Body mechanics and mobility skills
  • Communication skills
  • Assisting the daily activities
  • Nutrition and dietary care
  • Common health problems and nurse assistant care

In skills labs, students practice taking vital signs of the patients, assisting with patient mobility, and patient hygiene skills. The clinical experience allows students to work with patients on nursing units. Good bedside manners are extremely important in this job.

You can choose the class timing according to your own convenience. The classes are available in morning as well as evening and even on weekends too. This is the most prominent advantage of this training program. So the person who is occupied with other responsibilities can choose the classes accordingly.

Nursing homes or long term care facilities are preferred for obtaining training for people who want take up this career path, as these places offers free classes and work for same nursing homes for certain specific period of time after the certification degree.

The Red Cross society also offers nursing assistant courses. This is also a popular institute, as aspirants can obtain the training at low cost or even for free of cost. Another advantage of getting certified and trained by the Red Cross is that this is recognized all over country. This organization is well known in the medical field and this would be an added advantage in your career and prove to be advantageous over other applicants in long run. There are many applicants who do not have the time to attend a full time course. They cannot afford to leave their jobs and pursue a full time course, therefore for them online training is the best option to build their career in this field. Online courses are in huge demand. Those who opt for CNA online training have the advantage of pursuing the course along with their profession. Nowadays, online courses are becoming very popular amongst students and working professionals and the demand for professionals in the medical field has also increased over the years and so has the demand for a Certified Nursing Assistants.

Advantages of CNA Online:

  • You can study at the location as per your choice; at home or even at your workplace, if possible.
  • The course can be completed alongside your job. You do not have to quit your job and pursue it.
  • The fees of a full time course are quite high. This is one of the reasons why many aspiring candidates want to opt for online training.
  • Many candidates do not have the time to undergo a full time training program, therefore a distance learning program is the best option for them.

Disadvantages of CNA Online:

  • The candidates pursuing online courses for Certified Nursing Assistant would lack a direct interaction with the trainers
  • They will also not be able to share their ideas with others in the class on a regular basis
  • Many online programs may not have provision for practical classes in their clinics; a hands-on experience in their field is very important
  • You may get less experience to handle the clinical equipment, patients and procedures as compared to a live classroom lectures

Before you enroll for this CNA course, you should find out the prerequisites laid down by the State Department of Health for a Certified Nursing Assistant. This is because although most of the things may be the same, but some terms and conditions may vary from one state to another; the duration of the classes may also vary.

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