CNA Work

CNA or certified nursing assistant work refers to helping and assisting patients and clients with health care needs and requirements, under the supervision of a registered nurse. A certified nursing assistant plays a very crucial part in the health care system and they are required in hospitals, private nursing homes, health care centers, personal homes, schools, and adult day care centers. Their roles and responsibilities may differ depending upon the medical setting where they work. Before taking the decision of making a career as certified nurse assistant, it is vital that you should obtain the information about CNA Work.

Where can a CNA Work?

A CNA works in varied medical settings. The nursing aides can make a successful career by specializing to work in certain department such as pediatric care facility, nursing home, hospital, retirement facility, etc. They can also work as home health aide, medical transcription, travel CNA, etc.

Here we have listed the details about certified nursing aide working in different medical settings.

Hospital: Due to the rise in elderly population and infants, the work load in hospitals has increased. Therefore, certified nurse assistants would always be required in hospitals. Most nursing aide start their careers in a hospital. In this medical setting, the nurse assistant needs to serve patients suffering from different ailments. Therefore, they are able to gain excellent work experience, which helps them in their future endeavors.

Hospice: To work in hospice is a tough job. The patients in this medical setting are terminally ill or have some serious illness. These patients need to be served with precision and utmost care. The nursing aide need to be on their toes to attend these patients at any time, as they might need immediate help at any moment. To work in such organizations, the nursing aide needs to possess skills required to serve terminally ill patients.

Nursing Home: The nursing aide are highly demanded in the nursing homes. They need to perform duties such as administering medicine, checking their vital medical signs, maintaining hygiene of the patients, providing them assistants to exercise, etc. Such medical settings are smaller than hospitals, but even in such organization the nurse aide gets opportunity to serve with patients suffering from different diseases. They have more responsibilities than those working in bigger organizations.

Home Health Aide: A nurse aide can also work in the home of the patients and provide them medical care. Aging or bed-ridden patients or those suffering from long-term illnesses may need medical aide at their home. The nursing aide needs to take care of the medical needs, exercise schedule, and hygiene as per the guidance of the doctor. Since the nursing aide would spend longer duration with such patients, so they need to create a good rapport with the patients. Those candidates thinking about making a career as home health aide need to possess good communication skills.

Travel CNA: This is one of the most demanding job profiles. Those certified nursing assistants who travel from one patient's home (or medical facility) to other to provide medical aide to them are called travel CNA. Those candidates looking forward to make a career as a travel CNA can know about such job profiles through job portals that provide job assistance for travel nurses. These professionals can earn additional benefits such as travel allowance.

Retirement Facility: The nursing aide working in this facility need to provide medical assistance to retired people. These nursing professional need to be expertise in serving aging people. They need to possess good communication skills and patience to serve the aging patients. It is vital to be extremely careful while assisting the old patients to exercise, walk, change clothes, take sponge bath, etc. as they are more prone to fracture due to aging. Due to old age and loneliness, the patients might be tough to deal with at time, but one need to have patience and humbleness to serve them. For example: If a patient does not agree to take medicine, then you need to be polite and caring to them and make them take the medicine.

CNA Work Schedule

In case of some certified nurse assistant who are working in a hospital, it is expected that they put in a minimum of 36 to 40 hours of work every week. It is mandatory to work for 12 hours at a stretch in most of the medical settings. There are a few hospitals that have a facility for the certified nursing aides to work in 8 hour shifts, which is quite rare. The nursing assistants need to work in day as well as night shift. The shift timings vary from one organization to the other.

There is a huge scope for certified nursing assistants in the nursing field. These professionals can make a wonderful career in this field by enhancing their nursing skills and gaining knowledge about CNA work in any specific department.  

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