How to Become a CNA

Being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) can act as launching pad for your career in nursing. There are several ways to become a certified nurse aide. Those who want to get into this profession are required to take a certificate course and the license to work as a certified nursing assistant. They need to be well trained as they need to fulfill the patients' daily requirement as well as they also need to handle medical equipment. Attending a training program helps them to prepare for the challenges that they will face in this field.

Eligibility for Certification:
You are eligible to enroll for the training program if you have a high school diploma or a GED. Most of the colleges offer full time training of four to six weeks. If you have not finished your high school, then you will not be accepted for this training. Those who could not finish their high school and took a diploma for the same will need to clear the GED test. Another factor to be taken in account is the age. Some states have specified a minimum age to be a nursing assistant as a person should be between 16 to 18 years of age. So its it is advisable to check the age requirement to apply for the assistant certification program as it may vary from one state to another.

Steps Involved to Achieve Certification:
The very basic but a very important step is to enroll for a training program. These training programs are offered at community colleges, vocational schools, and technical colleges or even in high schools. Training is also offered by Red Cross Society, a humanitarian organization. Now a days, keeping in mind the busy schedules, on-line training programs are are also offered by many institutions.

The certification programs involves two kinds of training, theoretical as well as practical skills. In the practical sessions, you will get an opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to practice. This on-the-job experience will help you when you apply for a job. By the time you would have finished your course, you will be able to work independently with patients. After you complete your course (both practical and theoretical), you will need to appear and clear your certificate exam. This exam is conducted in order to know if a candidate has acquired the knowledge that was imparted during the course and will be able to work independently with the patients.

In order to acquire certification, most of the courses require a candidate to clear a skill test first, then appear for written test. If a candidate clears the test, he or she is awarded a certificate. The license is important as it is one of the criteria for applying for the job of a certified nursing assistant. This license is valid for most of the states across USA, but some states or countries may not accept this license. They might have an option to conduct an exam, which would help you in gaining employment in that state.

One more important aspect is if you wish to enroll for certification, your past should be clear and should not have any criminal record. Other aspect is students has to undergo a physical test that involves a drug test too. Some institutes insist on passing these tests before they are allowed in the training program. In some states, these test are compulsory.

In order to be a nursing assistant, you should have a lot of sympathy and compassion for the patients that you will be working for. You should also have very good interpersonal skills as you will deal with patients most of the time. However, the job of a certified nursing assistant is a very rewarding one if you like working for ill people and be in touch with medicine.

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